RGIII And His Girlfriend Claim They Were Robbed By A Browns Valet

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Robert Griffin is having a bad season. He’s been out with an injury since Week 1 and he has watched his Cleveland Browns start 0-12 in his first season with the team. At least he can take solace in knowing he can park his car at the stadium without fear of having his money stolen.

No, wait, that seems to be out the window too.

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Griffin and girlfriend Grete Šadeiko reported on Twitter that when they returned to their car following the Browns’ loss to the Giants on Sunday, they were robbed.

Not that you should ever steal from someone, but the fact that Griffin had his wallet emptied and his level of anger was “smh” shows how amazing it must be to be a multi-millionaire. “SMH” is how I react to someone forgetting to give me hot sauce with order. I had my wallet stolen in college and lived off stolen cafeteria food for a week. I should have been an NFL quarterback.

Since Twitter is a cesspool of garbage people tweeting things at famous people, of course Griffin and Šadeiko were assigned blame for leaving their wallets in their car.

Where do these people come from? “Heard your parents got killed in a train wreck. Sad, bro. Maybe they should have taken a different mode of transportation. Flying is safer.” Anyway, if anyone sees a valet wearing a fur coat and gold jewelry at the next Browns home game, maybe ask him a few questions.