Revolutionizing the Lithium Market With Visionary EnergyX’s Teague Egan

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The battle for renewable resources is here and an American company EnergyX is leading the revolution forward when it comes to the lithium market. Behind the clean energy being produced by EnergyX is CEO Teague Egan, a young visionary that is responsible for all aspects of building the company into the world leader in renewable energy technologies with his focus on commercializing the LiTAS technology for direct lithium extraction and the company's SoLiS solid state battery electrolytes. With these items and more, Teague alongside other industry and world leaders are helping the global efforts to change our planet.

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Let’s get right into it, Teague. Why is "energy" and "technology" so sexy right now in our society?

Ultimately I think that innovative products and creative marketing of those products make something cool or “sexy.” Before Steve Jobs, computers weren’t cool. Before Elon Musk, energy and electric vehicles weren’t cool. Both of these individuals' product design and marketing skills are way overlooked. They implemented computers, EV’s, energy, and technology into pop culture, and that’s why it’s sexy in our society right now. The products that Tesla makes creates more passionate consumers about energy and technology than previous years, which has made it a hot topic to discuss. People care about EV’s and thus, care about where their energy comes from.

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You have been an outspoken spokesperson for your company since the start. Why does the "person behind" the company matter so much to people these days?

Leadership is a critical characteristic in my eyes as a Founder & CEO, and there are many forms of leadership. Not only do I lead from the front with the team members and employees of our company (first in the lab, last to leave), but I’ve also intimately studied the leadership and personality traits of some of the greatest leaders of the biggest companies. What makes Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Thomas Edison visionaries? Behind every great company is a voice, an idea, a vision, and incredible work ethic for what could be. All CEOs want to see their company succeed, however I believe there is another level of commitment to transform an industry and become a visionary. I am by no means there yet - not even close - but to make my vision come true, and to truly create the impact I believe we can achieve - I wear my passion on my sleeve, and am outspoken about that passion.

What is your goal for EnergyX?

On a small scale: to revolutionize the lithium market. We believe we have the technology that can really disrupt that sector and make us the biggest lithium resource company in the world. We’ve found a way to extract lithium in a much more efficient, sustainable way, and will use that technology to grow our presence from a technology standpoint, ownership and distribution standpoint as well, at a time when this commodity is about to become one of the most important global resources.

Large-scale: to contribute to the global energy transition. We are just one small part of an energy storage supply chain in a worldwide push to embrace sustainability and clean energy. I know that the technology we have developed and are researching will help in that effort. Small or large, EnergyX can make a positive difference, and that's all I could ask for.

Do you feel Elon Musk and others in the energy space are competition or not?

I look at Elon, Tesla, and other players in the energy space as inspiration and motivation. In the end, EnergyX, Tesla, and other players within the energy space are all working towards the same goal. We all want to have that impact to change the world, and in many aspects are working together. Tesla could actually be a direct customer of EnergyX as we look to control and distribute the world’s lithium supply; a critical material that Tesla purchases massive quantities to build their batteries. In the race to make clean energy and sustainable technology everyone wins. A global transition towards a low-carbon future can’t be done alone, and we are all pushing each other to create something better so it is not really a competition… more like a cooperative challenge.

How do you feel our planet will change in the next 10 years?

There are big changes ahead. World leaders will be meeting in November at COP26 to discuss their progression on the Paris Agreement and what new goals and targets can be set for a faster transition - I think this will really shape the coming decade. With the United States and other global powers looking to shift their economies, infrastructure, and society to more sustainable models we can expect positive changes over the next ten years.