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Josh Bowman, Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann -- ABC

Emily VanCamp is back on the set of "Revenge," and she revealed Season 2 will introduce a new character into her complex storyline -- Emily Thorne's old flame, Ethan.

"A new love interest of hers -- someone that was a part of her life during that period where she went away to study -- a new character will be coming in to sort of challenge her," Emily told reporters during a visit to the Southern California set on Thursday.

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British actor Barry Sloane will play Ethan. The two actors haven't met yet, but the actress said his character will offer new insight into the troubled revenge-doer, Emily Thorne.

"That's going to be, I think an interesting relationship, because I think it will be the first relationship that you see an attraction.... [with an] adult male that, they had a grown up relationship," she explained. "With Jack, it's very nostalgic and with Daniel, it was very manipulative and... he's a character that she really cared about and then he sort of betrayed her -- [he] was one more sort of disappointment in her life."

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Emily won't be the only one with someone new in her story line. Gabriel Mann said Nolan has a new love interest in Season 2.

Although the actor kept the gender of Nolan's love interest a mystery, he did reveal the story line does not happen in a flashback.

"We will see a whole other 'Revenge' world in flashbacks yet again, but definitely moving forward in the love interest department [to] present day, current," he said when asked him to clarify.

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Also joining the show in Season 2 is Jennifer Jason Leigh, who is playing Emily's thought-to-be-dead mom, someone with mental problems that will deeply affect the young woman who has set her sights on taking down the Graysons.

"I think that relationship between daughter and mother is so interesting, even in a semi normal family... Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke's family -- her relationship is going to be so interesting to explore, it's going to give me so many places to go," Emily explained. "[Jennifer's character] is not going to be the most stable of characters and I think what's interesting about that too is when you think about mental health, young women will often come into those kinds of problems and difficulties in their 20s, so it's very possible that this will start to affect [Emily's] psyche and wondering, 'How crazy and I?' 'Am I following into these footsteps?... So it will be a reflection on herself and it will be a great way to explore her behavior."

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In related "Revenge" news, the mystery of the plane crash at the end of Season 1, which seemingly saw Madeleine Stowe's character, Victoria Grayson, board a plane that exploded, wasn't answered by the cast.

At one point during the set visit, Emily, speaking about the potential end of the show (years down the line) said, "That's sort of what Mike Kelley says will be the end -- you'll see Victoria and Emily standing there in a sea of bodies and it's a bit of like 'Did you really find peace?'"

So when Access then asked if that meant Madeline was back, Emily offered a hazy answer.

"It's a possibility. She's not here right now so I can't tell you," the actress said. "That was his initial plan. The other thing to sort of think about as well is that there are several other villains that are sort of becoming a part of the show and I think will become integral parts of the show as well."

Josh Bowman, who plays Daniel Grayson, suggested his character would be mourning the loss of his mother, Victoria, at the start of the season, and he would also have some big regrets over splitting with his fiancee Emily Thorne.

"You're just gonna see someone who's - I mean, it says in the script, 'Brooding,' but I don't want to play brooding because no one wants to see f***king brooding," he told Access . "I'm trying to find out the levels within him. He feels guilt ridden and he misses what he had with Emily... You're gonna see him, I wouldn't say pining, but he's still on the hook."

Another one of the cliffhangers in Season 1 was whether Charlotte Grayson (Christa B. Allen) overdosed, and when the show resumes - picking up eight weeks after the events of the finale - the youngest Grayson (technically a Clarke) is around.

"I will say, when we find Charlotte, in the opening of Episode 1 of Season 2, the addiction is still involved in some way and affecting her. That's all I'll say that that could mean anything," Christa, who was on set on Thursday, told Access .

Asked how Declan would be affected by Charlotte's overdose, Connor Paolo said it hits hard in his character's story.

"Pretty severely. I think, knowing Dec as I do, he's going to take it very personally and he didn't know what had happened with her and based on what had transpired between them over the past few months, he was pretty justified in telling her to f***off," the actor told Access. "But despite knowing what's now happened and knowing now that her mother is gone, he thinks he's done her a great wrong and he wants to make it right.

"But right now she's not available to him, and he's dealing with another [bout] of guilt... but it's getting harder to get up in the morning," he hinted.

"Revenge" returns to ABC on September 30 at 9 PM.

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