In a 'retreat' environment, this barn-inspired house in Lanesboro 'over-delivers'

Feb. 13—LANESBORO, Minn. — With a collection of barn wood from a previous owner on his land, Charlie Neimeyer searched for a purpose for the wood: a new home with the marks of a traditional red barn.

The wood was written into "part of the next chapter" of a four-bedroom and three-bathroom home near Lanesboro that also retained the farm's 1911 barn.

"There was a location that was just up above the barn which really just was a stunning spot that took advantage of sort of valley views looking off in the distance," Neimeyer described of the home location. The home at 32637 Grit Road in Carrolton Township was completed in November 2023. He is also a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty.

While partnering with Amish carpenters, the wood left the old barn for the milling process and returned as new exterior wood siding and interior wood beams. The old barn is also partially restored.

Neimeyer said trips out to the 19.61 acres of rolling hills, birdwatching and beautiful night skies were "a pandemic passion project." Slowly, he worked to restore the acreage to native grasses and remove outbuildings in disrepair and a farmhouse.

From a "little rough" property to "bringing it back," Neimeyer envisions people enjoying the property as "an environment where people can come and kind of have a retreat." People can bike or walk on the Root River State Trail and travel to downtown Lanesboro in about two miles.

Whether walking or sitting in the home perched on the hill, Neimeyer said it is a "very serene environment" in the Driftless region. Several spots of exposed limestone are also visible on the property.

"You essentially have a panoramic view, almost 360 degrees, in the house where you can either see fields behind that are rolling or off over the valleys," Neimeyer said.

The home is listed at $1,395,000.

By blending the history of the property and modern conveniences, Neimeyer says the home "over-delivers."

"You're kind of like in a ship in some sense where sort of you're really captivated. I was able to be there when it snowed briefly in the beginning part of the winter and it's just like you're in a snow globe," Neimeyer said. "It's fun to be in a position where you can take in all of what's going around not only in nature but in weather."