Retired SBU major general says ‘third parties’ might have been behind alleged drone attack on Kremlin

Drone attacks on the Kremlin
Drone attacks on the Kremlin
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Major General of the Reserve of Ukraine’s SBU security service, Viktor Yahun, revealed what he regarded as the most likely theories about who directed the drones towards the Kremlin in an interview with Radio NV on May 4.

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“I belong to the category of people who are very skeptical that this drone came from Ukraine,” Yahun said.

He explained that the technical characteristics of the drone and its size, as seen in video of the incident, indicate that the drone was not large enough to have come from Ukraine.

“It definitely couldn't fly 800 kilometers,” Yahun said.

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“Neither the distance nor the radio control, nor satellite (control) allow for that. Not to mention the direction of movement and some other conspiracy theories. There are too many questions.”

He also considered the theory that the Kremlin attacked itself in a so-called “false flag” attack as unlikely.

“It’s not very good for them to humiliate themselves in the face of what is happening in Russia,” Yahun said.

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Instead, he suggested that third parties, including ones in Russia, could have carried out the attack.

“(It could be some sort of) partisan action. Maybe people who are aware of what they are doing just want to show that they are resisting this regime in some way. Anything is possible.”

“I don't believe it is an organized movement, but I do believe that there may still be some opponents of (the regime in) Russia,” the official said.

However, Yahun also noted that these people may not necessarily be supporters of Ukraine.

“These could be individuals that we don't particularly like, but they are not fans of Putin and his policies,” Yahun said.

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“Perhaps they (even) want a harsher policy. Russia is a sort of ‘terra incognita’ for everyone. Probably no one will ever fully understand it.”

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