Retailers adapting to more customer-centric business models

HP Discover

In the retail industry, there is renewed interest and focus on a convergence of changes confronting retailers. HP’s Industry Edge digital magazine this month covers a wide range of topics in the retail industry that examine some of the more interesting and pressing facets of these changes.


We caught up with Saif Rivers, Retail Client Principal, HP Enterprise Services, to examine the top trends that are changing the retail world. Rivers authors an article on the topic in the digital magazine release, where he discusses five top trends:


1)      Shoppers expect a  seamless omni-channel experience

2)      The voice of the consumer carries weight

3)      Customer loyalty is fragile

4)      Big data provides the big picture

5)      Retailer and consumer industry collaboration will accelerate.


Rivers makes the point that retailers must embrace business models that are customer-centric and that encourage connection, collaboration, co-creation and customization.