New retail hub planned for Volcano Mesa; developers asking for community input

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – In a bid to enhance the amenities of the Volcano Mesa area, plans for a new retail hub named “The Glyphs at Volcano Mesa” have been unveiled by Modulus Architects and Land Use Planning. Situated at the intersection of Paseo and Kimmick, between Unser and Golf Course, the project aims to provide local residents with dining and shopping options while preserving the area’s natural beauty and scenic views.

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The proposal comes amid a history of community resistance to development projects in the region, largely driven by concerns about losing the views of the Sandia Mountains. However, Modulus Architects, led by CEO Angela Piarowski, assures that the new endeavor will be sensitive to these concerns, with a commitment to maintaining a low profile and ensuring that no buildings exceed a single story. “We’re trying to design it in such a way that we mitigate the noise from the traffic, but that we preserve the views,” stated Angela Piarowski.

The proposed retail hub could feature a variety of local businesses, including restaurants, breweries, cafes, and a boutique grocer. Piarowski says the hope for the hub to be a community gathering space where residents can enjoy meals and shopping experiences.

“Our vision is that these are going to be local, local restaurants, breweries, cafe types that are going to be something where people can come in enjoy a wonderful breakfast after church on a Sunday or a nice sit-down dinner,” she remarked.

Despite the current renders, Modulus Architects is adamant about seeking public input before proceeding further. Piarowski emphasized the importance of community feedback in shaping the project’s direction. “We’re really working very hard to bring cutting-edge design and technology, but also where innovation meets imagination. So it’s not just another strip center,” she assured.

To facilitate public engagement, Modulus Architects intends to collaborate with nearby neighborhood associations to organize a public meeting in the coming weeks, providing residents with an opportunity to voice their opinions and suggestions.

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