Restaurant Inspection Scores, Feb. 6 – 12

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Lowest Scores:

Nonna Maria
6525 Memphis Arlington Rd Ste 105 Bartlett, TN 38135
Score: 81
Violations include: 
No paper towels or soap in kitchen; cooked chicken and noodles are not date marked; spray bottle with Windex stored between olive oil and pudding filling; no thermometer inside freezer or deep freezer; zip-lock bag and containers of food items not labeled; bag of flour on kitchen floor; pizza dough laying directly on shelf; small incision in can of olive oil; baking soda open on shelf; wiping cloths sitting on countertops throughout the kitchen; ice buildup in freezer; traces of meat left on meat slicer; grease build-up on small fryers; food build-up on door of microwave; dumpster sliding doors are open; wall pain near sink chipping. Full report.

434 E H Crump Memphis, TN 38126
Score: 84
Violations include: 
Black mold inside of ice machine; no thermometer inside hamburger cooler; employee’s boxers exposed; dirty microwave with food build-up; damaged lids inside of ice machine; dirty napkin holder; leak around toilet in restroom; food build-up in travel cooler; single service item straws stored with chemicals. Full report.

3990 S. Third Street Memphis, TN 38109
Score: 85
Violations include: 
No thermometer in cold beef under prep table; food stored on floor inside walk-in freezer; wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer water; utensils improperly stored; wet mops and brooms stored on the floor; dirty exterior of walk-in cooler; missing and damaged door on dishwasher; leaking air conditioning unit; chipped paint on wall inside walk-in cooler. Full report.


Smoke Dat Azzz Barbecue, 6377 Limewood Ave Memphis, TN 38134
Ocean Blue Seafood & Bar (Bar), 6600 Stage Road Suite 118 Memphis, TN 38134
Char (Bar), 431 South Highland Memphis, TN 38111
La Panaderia Bakery, 2782 S Perkins Rd Memphis, TN 38118
Chi Phi Food Truck, 145 Marrakesh Cir Memphis, TN 38103

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