Rescued wolf cub gets new home in Skopje zoo

This four-month-old wolf cub

is Skopje zoo’s latest addition

Location: Skopje, North Macedonia

Aria was rescued by hikers

and zookeepers say she is adapting well

to walking on a leash

and eating dog treats

in her temporary home


"Aria was brought to Skopje Zoo in July. It's my guess that she was rescued from somewhere nearby. She is young, about four and a half months old. From the first day she was brought here, she was in my care. We fell in love with each other at the same time. In the beginning, she was afraid of my colleagues and was aggressive to them but with time I taught her to love everybody. Now she even plays with kids. We have three more wolves who were saved from smugglers. Together with Aria, they will go to a rescue center for wolves in England, where I think they will have a very good life. I hope that soon we can give them a home there."