Republicans can vote for Biden without burning bridges. Here's how.

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You’ve been a Trump supporter. Your partner and your friends are devoted MAGAs. But now, you’re done with it.  You do not want Trump in the White House. You feel you need to vote for Biden.

You don’t want to broadcast it. As one Palm Beach County Republican said who voted for Biden in 2020, “I know I’m doing the right thing.  I just don’t want it out there.” Makes sense. Who wants harassment and death threats?

Just keep your Biden vote secret.

A lot of the Republicans and ex-MAGAs who voted in droves against Trump in the 2024 primaries apparently are keeping it to themselves.

Donald Trump celebrates with supporters at a Super Tuesday watch party at Mar-a Lago on March 5, 2024 in Palm Beach, Florida.
Donald Trump celebrates with supporters at a Super Tuesday watch party at Mar-a Lago on March 5, 2024 in Palm Beach, Florida.

Before Super Tuesday on March 5, Republicans in New Hampshire told pollsters they were for Trump over Nikki Haley by 18 percentage points. But on election day they voted for Trump over Haley by only 11.

In other words, about 7 percent (23,000) of New Hampshire voters who apparently had supported Trump decided to vote not-Trump. Odds are a lot of those 23,000 kept their vote on the down low. You know, harassment and death threats.

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In the South Carolina primary about 60,000 Republican voters who pollsters said supported Trump voted for Haley instead. In Michigan it was 167,000, Virginia 223,000, Vermont (where Trump lost24,000. The trend continued in March and April after Haley had dropped out on March 6. You know a bunch of them kept their vote private.

As you can.

An Emerson College poll says 63% of Haley voters now support Biden. You can (secretly) join them. BTW, Trump has given Haley voters a kind of permission to vote for Biden. Trump said in January he doesn’t need them (or not many of them).

If you’re a woman, you’ll have the company of women across the board who are dropping Trump. By the start of primary season, women’s support of Trump had dropped from the 42% who voted for him in 2020 down to 36%.

A few months ago, Trump was freaked out enough by the discreet drift away from him that he tried to get the 2024 Republican primaries and caucuses cancelled.

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A majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives appear to be on your side.  House Republicans have been riding the vote-secretly-against-Trump train for a while. On Oct. 20, 2023 House Republicans blew off death threats and voted secretly against Trump’s candidate for speaker, Jim Jordan, 122 to 86. In 2021 they snubbed Trump by voting on secret ballots 145-61 to keep his nemesis Liz Cheney party conference chair.

In the Senate, most Republicans would’ve voted to convict Trump in his 2021 impeachment trial had the vote been secret, according to Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono.

For you as a former Trump supporter with a gung-ho MAGA partner, secretly voting for Biden obviously has a personal side. You could decide not to tell your partner but they’d probably figure it out after you begged off of one or two mega-pickup-truck Trump caravans.

You might tell your partner but you’re obviously not going to turn them. MAGA is their identity. But there’s a chance you can preserve your relationship. There will be bumps in the road, sure.  One MAGA partner reported:

“My [MAGA] partner and I decided to never go to bed angry at each other. We've been awake since last Thursday.”

Check out this MAGA-partner support group, and their Facebook page.

Jim Carroll
Jim Carroll

Every MAGA/non-MAGA couple that sticks it out gives a tiny glimmer of hope that MAGA and non-MAGA someday, somehow, some way, somewhere, might live in peace and har- … forget harmony for the foreseeable future.

Whatever you do, keep your eyes on the prize: Keeping Trump out of the White House. Do what throngs of Republicans and ex-MAGAs are doing, and secretly vote for Biden.

Jim Carroll is a former U.S. House staff member and a West Palm Beach elections attorney.

This article originally appeared on Palm Beach Post: How Republicans can vote Biden instead of Trump in upcoming election