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The Arizona Republic's award-winning coverage of environment and climate issues is on its way to your email inbox with a new weekly newsletter that will help you keep up with some of the most important stories of the moment.

The newsletter, "AZ Climate," will arrive each Tuesday morning and will feature the work of The Republic's five-person environment and climate team, with stories that are making headlines and deep dives behind those headlines to help you understand what's going on in our changing world.

Each week, our newsletter will keep you up to date on the stories we're reporting and publishing. We'll take you along on field reporting assignments, show you where we've been lately. You'll get a peek at stories that are in the works and hear from the reporters about how they're pursuing those stories. We'll include some of the environment and climate stories you have have missed in the past week. And we'll introduce you to our team: senior environment reporter Brandon Loomis, Nina Pulliam Environment Fellows Jake Frederico and Clara Migoya, Indigenous Affairs reporter Debra Krol and climate change reporter Joan Meiners.

In recent months, Republic reporters have visited four of Arizona's rivers — the Colorado, the San Pedro, the Gila and the Little Colorado — and written about the challenges of preserving those rivers as natural habitats, even as drought and growing demand divert more water away.

We've delved into Arizona's dual crises of housing and climate change, asking experts and community leaders what it will take to make new homes sustainable in a warming world. We've written about the recovery of the Apache trout, the risk of "forever chemicals" in water supplies, the reappearance of Lil' Jefe, the ocelot.

We took you to the White Mountains to show you how Indigenous fire practices could help guide wildfire management, and tagged along with Tucson teachers as they learned about river ecology. We were at the Grand Canyon when President Joe Biden designated the newest national monument, and in Phoenix, our reporters helped add important context to this summer's brutal heat wave.

Arizona is the epicenter of some of the biggest environment and climate news of the day — drought, wildfire, forest health, endangered species, air quality, water resources — and the state is on the leading edge of developing stories, from rare-mineral mining to the new research into climate adaptation.

You'll find all of this and more in "AZ Climate" each Tuesday morning. You can subscribe here. We hope to see you in your inbox very soon.

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Shaun McKinnon is the environment editor for The Arizona Republic and azcentral.

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