Reps. Raskin, Biggs spar over Biden's 2020 election victory in Arizona

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During a House Oversight Committee hearing on Thursday about the Arizona election audit, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., asked Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., if he accepts the results of the 2020 election and subsequent audit that confirmed President Biden won the vote in Arizona.

Video Transcript

JAMIE RASKIN: And even the claim that some of our colleagues have decided to float again today, which has been rejected all the way up to the Supreme Court, was one that was thoroughly vetted. The idea that when state election administrators or state supreme courts under state constitutions or under state legislative command act in the electoral process, that's somehow unconstitutional. There's no basis for that. It's been made up.

It was floated in all of these courts, rejected in all of these courts. It was floated by the attorney general of Texas, who sued in the Supreme Court. It was rejected. And then it was floated again on the House floor. On January the 6th, as the violent insurrectionary mob attacked us, it was rejected again.

And yet the big lie lives now in these phony audits around the country. It was amazing and yet telling for me, to hear the gentleman from Arizona essentially-- I think he's trying to aride the fact that this audit rejected the claim that Donald Trump won in Arizona. I never really understood members from Arizona challenging the result by which they themselves were elected-- in the exact same election where they were elected.

And yet still, I believe, and perhaps Mr. Biggs can correct me if I'm wrong, I hear him not even to be accepting the results of this audit, which say that Joe Biden got more votes than were lawfully reported by the state. And so the big lie--

ANDY BIGGS: Will the gentleman yield? You've called me out and asked if I would respond. I'm happy to respond.

JAMIE RASKIN: Yes, but by all means, do you accept the-- do you accept this audit, which showed that Joe Biden won, and indeed by more votes than--

ANDY BIGGS: That is not what the audit concluded, Mr. Raskin. You know better than that. Have you read the whole audit? Or you cherry picked the line which talks about the recount versus the tabulation machines? That, we would have expected to be very similar, and it was. And so anything that might have inured to President Biden is effect--

JAMIE RASKIN: Who won the election is my question, Mr. Biggs. I'm happy to yield to you for that. Who won the election in Arizona? Donald Trump--

ANDY BIGGS: We don't know, because as the audit, it demonstrates very clearly, Mr. Raskin. There are a lot of issues with this election that took place. We're going to go through those today. But you can continue--

JAMIE RASKIN: OK, I want to reclaim my time.

ANDY BIGGS: And speaking of the big lie--


ANDY BIGGS: --you could continue to perpetuate it as long as you want. But we're going to find out, I hope.

JAMIE RASKIN: I'm reclaiming the time. Madam Chair, there is the problem that we have. Donald Trump refused to accept the results. And unfortunately, we have one of the world's great political parties which has followed him off of the ledge of this electoral lunacy. And it's dangerous for democracy, so I'm glad we're having this hearing today. And I yield back to you, Madam Chair.