Reports June 3

Jun. 3—County Calls

The Limestone County Sheriff's Office reported the following calls Thursday and Friday .

May 31, 2023

Suspicious (person, item, vehicle)- Shaw Road/US Hwy 72, Cowford Road/Hatchie Lane, Crosskey Road/Easter Ferry Road, 25000 block Mooresville Road, 28000 block Odie Scott Drive, 27000 block Country Place

Animal related/livestock- ShawRoad/Snake Road, 19000 block Looney Road, 24000 block Wooley Springs Road, 20000 block Todd Circle, 24000 block Craft Road, Leggtown Road, 17000 block Harwell Road, 23000 block Highland Drive

Hit and run- Tillman Mill Road/Elk River Mill Road

Vehicle theft- Bethel Road/Mooresville Road

Theft- 16000 block Buckskin Drive, 24000 block Gross Road, 17000 block Stone Valley Drive

Prowler- 18000 block Coffman Road

Criminal trespass- 17000 block Happy Hollow Road, 20000 block Elkton Road

Criminal mischief- 23000 block Sugar Way

Disturbance- 21000 block Easter Ferry Road

Harassment- 24000 block Chapman Hollow Road, 16000 block Brownsferry Road

Assault- 15000 block East Limestone Road

Unwanted guest- 16000 block Wellhouse Drive

Missing person- 26000 block Jones Spring Drive

Alarm- 14000 block Peek Drive

Warrant- 700 block 5th Avenue

June 1, 2023

Suspicious (person, item, vehicle)- 7000 block Greenbrier Road, 14000 block New Cut Road, 19000 block Elkton Road, Sugar Plum Lane, 16000 block Stonegate Lane, 25000 block Melrose Lane

Animal related/livestock- 17000 block Mooresville Road, 17000 block Shaw Road, 17000 block Coffman Road, 14000 block Quinn Road, 19000 block Huntsville Brownsferry Road, 21000 block Bean Road, 19000 block Sewell Road, 20000 block Wallace Lane, 16000 block Popllar Creek Road

Traffic accident- 28000 block AL Hwy 99

Intoxicated driver- Tates Wrecker Service

Rape/sexual offense/offender- 16000 block Hwy 251

Missing person- 18000 block Moyers Road

Theft- 26000 block US Hwy 72, 20000 block Huntsville Brownsferry Road

Harassment- 5000 block Bay Village Drive, 27000 block Leggtown Road

Disturbance- 24000 block Flanagan Road, 33000 block AL Hwy 99, 25000 block Narrow Lane

Littering/dumping- 21000 block Winchester Road

Warrant- 100 block Elm Street, 29000 block Pinedale Road

County Arrests

Limestone County Sheriff's Office reported arrests on the following charges Thursday and Friday.

—two counts public intoxication

—two counts third-degree assault- simple assault

—driving under the influence (alcohol)

—third-degree domestic violence- harassment, third-degree domestic violence- third-degree criminal mischief

—harassment- simple assault

—first-degree possession of drug paraphernalia, second-degree possession of marijuana

—two counts negotiating worthless negotiable instrument

—possession of controlled substance

—SORNA violation, unlawfully obtaining employment

—two counts non-support- child

—drug trafficking

—second-degree robbery

—contempt of court, possession of controlled substance, third-degree burglary- residence- force

—first-degree possession of drug paraphernalia, two counts possession of controlled substance, chemical endangerment

County Thefts

Limestone County Sheriff's Office reported the following thefts Thursday and Friday.

—Athens- first-degree theft, yellow Vemeer 605 hay baler, April 15- May 31, $25,000, 24000 block Gross Road

—Athens- third-degree theft, Vizio tv, Sony tv, brown sofa, air mattress, May 1-June 1, $1,110, 12000 block John Way

City Arrests

The Athens Police Department reported arrests on the following charges Thursday and Friday.

—driving under the influence

—driving under the influence

—disorderly conduct

—driving under the influence

City Thefts

The Athens Police Department reported the following thefts Thursday and Friday.

—identity theft, May 31, 300 S. Jefferson Street

—first-degree theft of property/criminal mischief, Chevy Silverado, Trane A/C unit, residence wiring, June 1, $7,600, 20000 block Huntsville Brownsferry Road

—unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle, Chevy Impala, Ruger 380 pistol, June 2, $300, 1400 block E. Elm Street

City Incidents

The Athens Police Department reported the following incidents Thursday and Friday.

—harassment- menacing, May 31, 1800 block Brownsferry road