Report: NY construction jobs rise over past year

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- A national construction trade group says recovery work from Superstorm Sandy is likely behind a spike in the number of construction jobs between December and January.

The Associated General Contractors of America reports that New York had the second-largest percentage increase during that period, 4.2 percent, while adding 13,000 construction jobs. Only Wyoming had a larger percentage increase during the same period, with 4.6 percent.

The trade group says overall, New York ranked 15th in the nation in construction employment by adding 7,500 jobs between January 2012 and last January. The report puts New York's construction employment at more than 322,000 as of the end of January.

The report says the state's one-month boost in construction jobs earlier this winter was probably due to recovery work started in the weeks after Sandy hit New York.