New report gives more evidence that Apple will launch two iPhone 6 models

Brad Reed
Bloomberg: 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models could launch at the same time

Remember how Foxconn has said that it’s trying to lessen its reliance on Apple? Well it looks as though Apple is returning the favor. MacRumors points us to a new report from The Liberty Times in Taiwan that claims manufacturer Pegatron will be responsible for half of all iPhone 6 production while longtime Apple partner Foxconn will probably account for the other half. In its last product cycle, Apple relied primarily on Foxconn to produce the iPhone 5s while placing most of the iPhone 5c production responsibility on Pegatron’s shoulders. MacRumors thinks that a 50-50 split in production for the next-generation iPhone could mean that Apple is indeed planning to launch two different flagship iPhone 6 models: One with a larger display and one with a standard-sized display.

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