Rep. Ted Lieu recites 'what Jesus said about homosexuality' in viral House Floor speech

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Rep. Ted Lieu (D, CA-33) made headlines on Wednesday for standing in silence after announcing he would share what Jesus had to say about homosexuality.

In a short speech on the House Floor, Lieu criticized the GOP for bills that Democrats have condemned as targeting LGBTQ plus individuals.

He read aloud the headlines of The Washington Post’s “GOP lawmakers push historic wave of bills targeting rights of LGBTQ teens, children and their families” piece from May and the “Some Republicans fear party overreach on LGBT measures” article from April.

Lieu then stated, “I just thought I would now recite for you what Jesus Christ said about homosexuality.”

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The congressman proceeded to stand in silence for over 20 seconds, appearing to send a strong message that Jesus had nothing to say on the matter.

After a stretch of time, he concluded, “I yield back,” before leaving the stage.

The speech has garnered much attention, making headlines for several news outlets and prompting hundreds of responses from Twitter users.

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Several users stated that they voted for Lieu, with one even urging the representative to run for President.

Lieu, who represents Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach, has a large following of 1.6 million followers on Twitter.

He has spoken out on several key issues, including gun control and the importance of unity.

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As of June 8, Lieu has been named the Democratic nominee for California’s 36th District.


Featured Image via Newsweek

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