Rep. Ro Khanna says Biden will 'enjoy strong support' from 'many' progressives in 2024

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  • Rep. Ro Khanna said that President Biden will receive robust progressive support in a 2024 bid.

  • A recent Washington Post report detailed how Biden allies are signaling the president's plans to run for office again.

  • Many liberals have lauded Biden since taking office over his push for progressive legislation.

Rep. Ro Khanna, a leading House progressive who served as a national cochair of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign last year, said that President Joe Biden will have the strong backing of liberals in 2024.

On the heels of a Washington Post report that Biden will seek a second term in the White House, Khanna said that progressives would stand behind the president.

"President Biden will enjoy strong support from many progressives when he runs for reelection," the California Democrat told the newspaper. "He will certainly have mine."

While there have been lingering questions for months in many circles over the state of Biden's potential candidacy, the report appears to squelch many concerns about whether the president will run.

While 2024 is still three years away, Biden has moved forward full steam with his legislative agenda, recently signing into law a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill which will fund much-needed transportation projects across the country and working to pass a nearly $2 trillion social-spending bill that will make critical investments in healthcare and early childhood education.

While many progressives sought to enact a $6 trillion bill earlier this year, their hopes for a larger spending package were dashed after Senate Democrats largely settled on a $3.5 trillion framework before West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin's opposition to paid-leave provisions and additional measures sliced the bill to its current blueprint.

Still, the Post reported that there is "little sign at the moment" of an emerging liberal threat for Biden, with many lawmakers who were supportive of Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont lauding the president.

Larry Cohen, the chairman of Our Revolution, the progressive organization which emerged from the 2016 Sanders presidential campaign, told the Post that a candidate who may want to run to Biden's left would be better served using their political capital to get into the weeds of advocating for change.

"If this was a decision being made now, personally I would say that there's plenty of work people can do without challenging the president," he told the newspaper.

"If he's not running, I think absolutely there'll be progressives — at least one," he added.

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