Rep. Louie Gohmert Has Some Feelings About the Farm Bill, America

Matt Berman

On Thursday afternoon, Rep. Louie Gohmert gave a long, rambling floor speech. This isn't the most unusual thing to see happen on the House floor on a Thursday afternoon, but Gohmert really made this 30-minutes count:

The speech started with the farm bill and ended in Syria. The segues were few and far between. Here are some highlights.

Rep. Gohmert on public assistance:

"I think it's time … that we reform Congress to the point where all public assistance comes in one sngle committee. One area where all public assistance can be located, and it will be easy to see all the duplications, all the waste, so much easier to see areas where fraud is running rampant."

Rep. Gohmert on the incivility of the 2012 campaign:

"What came back from the drones, the human drones that were speaking on behalf of the president ..."

Rep. Gohmert on the farm bill and food stamps:

"When we look at the food stamp bill that had 20 percent farm in it..."

"SNAP … has a real snap to it."

"When I look into the eyes of constituents, who want to provide for their children … and they talk about standing in line, I've heard this story so many times … standing in line at a grocery store behind people with a food-stamp car—one individual said, I love crab legs. You know, the big king crab legs. I love those. But we haven't been able to have those in who knows when. But I'm standing behind a guy who has those in his basket, and I'm looking longingly like, when can I ever make enough again where our family can have something like that, and sees the food-stamp card pulled out, and provided, he looks at the king crab legs and looks at the ground meat, and realizes because he does pay income tax, he doesn't get more back than he pays in, he is actually helping pay for the king crab legs when he can't pay for them for himself."

"From the amount of obesity in this country, by people we're told do not have enough to eat, it does seem like we can have a debate about this issue without allegations about wanting to slap down or starve children."

Rep. Gohmert on history and education:

"You don't find enough people that can speak intelligently about World War I!"

"We see the polls that say there are more people that can name the Three Stooges than can name the three branches of government!"