Rep. George Santos thanked a lawmaker for 'stopping by' for a chat. The lawmaker said this was a lie, and that he went to protest and ask for his resignation.

George Santos
Rep. George Santos in the Capitol Visitor Center on February 7, 2023.Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images
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  • Rep. George Santos personally thanked a local NY lawmaker for "stopping by" his office for a chat.

  • The lawmaker replied that he wasn't there for a chat, but to stage a protest outside.

  • He said he was there calling for Santos' resignation and to hand-deliver a letter of complaints.

Rep. George Santos has been accused of telling yet another lie, after a local lawmaker said the embattled congressman twisted the truth about why he visited Santos at his office.

On Thursday, Santos tweeted that he wanted to personally thank Josh Lafazan, a member of the Nassau County Legislature in New York, for "stopping by" his office in Douglaston, Queens, for a chat.

"It was great to sit down & discuss the concerns that were addressed in the letter he brought in," Santos wrote.

But just 50 minutes later, Lafazan responded on Twitter, accusing Santos of mischaracterizing the nature of the meeting, which he said was actually a protest.

"Let's be very clear: I did not 'stop by' your office," Lafazon wrote. "I hosted a protest *outside* your office calling on you to resign, and then hand-delivered you a letter to stop wasting police resources."

The local lawmaker said that the lie did not come as a surprise, adding that he believed Santos is "very good" at distorting the truth.

The congressman's office did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

Santos has become infamous for repeatedly being caught out telling lies, which range from bizarre mistruths to potentially criminal fabrications.

From claiming to have acted in "Hannah Montana" to being accused of scamming a military veteran out of money meant for his dying dog, Santos' falsehoods have led to repeated calls for him to resign.

He also falsely claimed that his mother survived 9/11, fabricated much of his resume, and said he was Jewish and had Holocaust-surviving grandparents, which also turned out to be untrue.

Insider previously reported that the congressman last week hid from constituents who tried to deliver a petition for his resignation.

And a week before that, New York constituents flooded the hallway outside his office in Congress, also demanding that Santos be removed from office.

Santos has so far rebuffed all efforts to get him to stand down, saying he'd only resign if more than 142,000 people — the number of people who voted to elect him during the November midterms — ask him to.

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