Rep. Eric Swalwell reveals who he thinks “has actually delivered” in House Republicans' Biden impeachment inquiry.

Every day, the House of Representatives has worked as the largest law firm in Washington, D.C. on behalf of just one client, and they brought all of this nonsense into this room promising evidence of impeachment, and they've delivered zero. But you know who has actually delivered? The FBI, because they keep arresting the best witnesses they have for their own work on behalf of Russia and China. So they bring these witnesses, they make these allegations, and the FBI says, actually, the guy that you're relying on, he's been telling you lies that have been fed by Russia. Their own intelligence committee chairman, this is a Republican, said that most of the claims going on in this building about Russia on their side is Russia propaganda being filtered to them by the Russians. So I don't expect you're going to hear the autopsy report on their impeachment investigation, but the president certainly deserves to hear this. In light of Republicans producing absolutely zero on impeachment, let's just declare from here forward until they put up some evidence that Joe Biden has been acquitted of every single MAGA smear, acquitted. It's over.