Remote Control Toys Dads and Kids Will Love

Sabah Karimi
Yahoo! Contributor NetworkOctober 26, 2012
Remote Control Toys Dads and Kids Will Love
Kids and adults alike will appreciate a gift of a remote-controlled helicopter!

Finding the perfect gift for the guys in the family can be a challenge but most will appreciate remote control toys and electronics. Remote and radio-controlled toys might seem old-fashioned, but they're still a popular alternative to video games and other tech toys of the season. Most can be charged or powered up with rechargeable batteries and offer hours and hours of play.

Here are some remote control toys dads and kids will love:

Interceptor RC Helicopter

Dad and kids alike will love the Interactive Toy Concepts® Interceptor RC Helicopter that flies vertically and horizontally, as well as forwards and backwards. This model is very stable and easy to control using the radio-controlled remote. The helicopter can be flown indoors and outdoors, and it's designed with internal gyroscope technology and digital proportional controls for better stability over other models. All you need is a 9V battery for the transmitter and some open space to fly.

EZTEC 1:8 Monster Wheel Ford® F-150 4x4 RC Truck

Car and truck enthusiasts of all ages will appreciate the EZTEC 1:8 Monster Wheel Ford® F-150 4x4 RC Truck. This is an officially-licensed design and can cruise at 400 feet per minute. It also has the ability to climb slopes at a 30-degree angle and easily rolls over larger obstacles with its supersized wheels. It comes with a full-function remote control that controls the truck at a distance of up to 100 feet.

Silverlit® 1:63 3D Tornado RC Stunt Set

Racing enthusiasts are sure to appreciate a race car stunt set like the Silverlit® 1:63 3D Tornado RC Stunt Set. The kit comes with a stunt car, IR remote, four cones, and an eight-foot racetrack that can be set up on virtually any flat surface. This car can race at speeds at up to 180 feet per minute and the tracks can handle high-speed races and stunts. This set is most suitable for ages eight years and older, and is available in two color variations.

HEXBUG™ Micro Robotic Inchworm

If cars, trucks, or helicopters aren't going to please, pick up a remote-controlled robot instead. The HEXBUG™ Micro Robotic Inchworm features a 7-way remote control to control all of the robot's rotational and directional movements. Kids and adults alike will enjoy hours of play by being able to steer the robot from side to side, as well as control its front and back movements. The inchworm moves in a unique looping manner and makes the perfect gift for robot and tech fans of all ages.