Layoffs and high bills push Houston family into foreclosure and to the edge

Remake America

LaTosha and Kirk’s story begins with a meeting through a mutual friend who suggested LaTosha contact Kirk for professional services he was offering at that time. Reluctantly, LaTosha did so, and the rest is history. Six kids and one dog later, you have – Kirk, LaTosha, Jamion, Bobby, Kirk Jr., Donovan, Kiran, Kara and Brownie. 

Their concerns began to grow after the real estate bubble burst in 2008 in the Houston area. The house Kirk was purchasing lost $50,000 in value between 2007 and 2008. He was faced with either losing the house or selling it at a significant loss. Consequently, Kirk did all he could to save the home, but it went into foreclosure in 2011. 

During this same time, Kirk went through bouts of unemployment while still trying to cover daily living expenses and child support. LaTosha had two leaves of absence as a result of the births of their two youngest children, Kiran and Kara.  All of this, in addition to constantly rising childcare costs, student loans, credit card payments, car loans and a host of other expenses, the family found themselves in financial ruin.

Today, LaTosha and Kirk struggle to provide for the family. LaTosha works full-time while Kirk spends his days seeking full-time, gainful employment in the IT field. Guidance and support from viewers and subject matter experts is what they seek to bring light to the end of their tunnel.