After moving for law school, student loans and stress threaten young family

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Jose and Starlight's family moved to Austin two years ago so Starlight could attend law school at the University of Texas. She received a scholarship that would cover her tuition and provide a room and board stipend, allowing Jose to home-school their five children.  After completing two years of law school, Starlight developed adrenal fatigue syndrome which made it hard for her to keep up with her schoolwork. She ultimately had to forfeit her scholarship. Because of a poor credit history, she was unable to receive a loan needed to fund her third year of law school. 

Starlight now attends law school part-time while Jose continues to home-school their children. Going part-time has helped Starlight focus on her family, her health and a new family business creating organic soaps, so she feels it is best to finish her remaining credits on this basis. However, without financial aid from the school, the family has no money for rent and other expenses.