Reid: We're Headed Over the Fiscal Cliff

Dashiell Bennett
The Atlantic Wire
Reid: We're Headed Over the Fiscal Cliff

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gave a less than encouraging speech on the Senate floor this morning, essentially conceded that the fiscal cliff is happening and we're all just going to have to deal with it. During his remarks, Reid scolded his House counterpart John Boehner, calling his rule a "dictatorship" and accusing him of intentionally delaying any compromise on taxes until after January 3, when he'll be (presumably) re-elected as Speaker of the House and more secure in his leadership position. When discussing the possibility of no deal being reached and the fiscal cliff of mandatory tax hikes and spending cuts being enacted, Reid said "it looks like that's where we're headed.

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Reid also attacked Boehner's apparent insistence only passing a plan that has "a majority of the majority" behind it, instead of one that can simply win enough Democrats to pass in the House. A spokesperson for Speaker Boehner's office said that "Reid should talk less & legislate more," adding that the Senate Democrats have not passed their own cliff legislation yet.