Reeves, Presley campaign ahead of General Election

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – All eyes are on incumbent Gov. Tate Reeves (R-Miss.) and Democratic challenger Brandon Presley ahead of the General Election on Tuesday, November 7.

Both candidates hit the campaign trail the day before the election.

Presley made his way to the capital city, the coast and North Mississippi for last-minute campaign efforts. In Jackson, he called out his opponent, claiming that Reeves wants to see a low voter turnout in counties with a large Black population.

“His whole electoral strategy, though, is to hope for a depressed turnout in the Delta, hope for a depressed turnout in Hinds County, and we’re going to flip that. We’re going to have an energized turnout in both those areas in the state. That’s how we’re, one of the ways in which we’re going to beat him,” Presley stated.

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Reeves campaigned in Tupelo on Monday, headed to the Pine Belt and ended his night in the capital city at a rally with all of the statewide GOP candidates. Ahead of the rally, Reeves clapped back at Presley, saying he wants everyone to get out and exercise their right to vote.

“My opponent is a fool. He is an absolute fool. Here’s what I want. I want people to go to the polls tomorrow, and I want them to vote their conscience. I want them to recognize that the fact of the matter is, Mississippi is doing well. Mississippi is doing better than ever before. And working together, we’re going to continue to do better,” Reeves stated.

During the rally, Secretary of State Michael Watson (R-Miss.) said there were about 4,000 more absentee ballots counted in this election than in 2019.

Both gubernatorial candidates are confident in a high voter turnout at the polls, and they’re confident that the needs of Mississippians align with their policies.

“I’m confident that the people are going to go to the polls tomorrow because again, I am confident that the voters in Mississippi understand what’s happening. Joe Biden and his liberal allies in Washington, D.C., cannot stand the fact that Mississippi is doing well,” said Reeves.

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“I think it’s very clear that if voters show up tomorrow, both Black and white, we’re going to beat Tate Reeves. It’s clear,” said Presley.

The possibility of a runoff is still on the table. Independent candidate Gwendolyn Gray dropped out of the race after her name was already printed on the ballot. She could take away votes from Reeves and Presley.

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