Redone Lyndon B. Johnson library in Texas demonstrates how his presidency reverberates today

Chris Tomlinson, The Associated Press

AUSTIN, Texas - After a yearlong renovation, the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library is reopening, reminding visitors of how programs LBJ launched in the 1960s remain hot topics.

The library in Austin, Texas, reopens Friday. It uses 21st-century technology to put visitors in Johnson's shoes. A telephone plays key conversations about civil rights with Martin Luther King Jr., FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and others.

The library also has a Vietnam "situation room" where an interactive display provides formerly secret documents and recordings of conversations with advisers.

Johnson's biggest accomplishments, though, are the Great Society programs that extended life expectancies, reduced poverty and banned discrimination. An exhibit shows how he used his years of experience in Congress to push through some of the most iconic laws in the nation's history, including Medicare.