New 'Tiny Trumps' meme has flooded the internet big time

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Laura Vitto
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If President Donald Trump insists on behaving like a self-absorbed pre-schooler, Reddit will continue to photoshop him as one.

That's the idea behind r/Tiny Trumps, a new subreddit devoted to exactly that. 

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They've got child-sized Trumps holding press conferences, sitting with standard-sized Barack Obamas and signing giant executive orders with giant pens. You know, just a glance at a day in the life of our child president and his caretaker Steve Bannon.

Image: Reddit, chop_Artista

Image: reddit, simon_the_cannibal

Image: reddit, misterbunnymuffins

Image: reddit, chop_artista

Image: reddit,  paloaltotomexico

Image: reddit,  AlfredKnows

Image: reddit,  SnipeyMcSnipe

Not all Tiny Trumps live on that subreddit. The meme has spread to the whole of the self-described 'front page of the internet.'

Image: reddit, agoo

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