Red Sand Project raising awareness in Tunkhannock

TUNKHANNOCK, WYOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery and people from The Victims Resource Center in Wyoming County are raising awareness about the issue in a very colorful way.

“It is prevalent in this area, just because it may be a small town is, still is, it’s everywhere, not like how Hollywood portrays it,” said Alysha Ennis from the Victims Resource Center.

Red sand was poured into the cracks on the sidewalk in downtown Tunkhannock Monday to remind us of victims of human trafficking.

Red sand in the cracks represents all the victims we may not be able to reach or the ones that fall through the cracks.

The Red Sand Project is an interactive street art that began in Texas in 2014. Members of the Wyoming County Victim Resource Center were pouring sand and wanted to get the word out that human trafficking occurs everywhere from large cities to small communities.

“We can’t help every single victim, but just helping one person or showing one person that we are out there to help them. That’s all that matters,” Ennis explained.

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The Red Sand Project website states that there are over 50,000,000 people held in modern slavery today and is one of the crimes and the Wyoming County District Attorney Joe Peters wants to help fight the crime.

“The sand represents those victims that either have been forgotten or feel as though they have been forgotten and it is to send the message that they are never forgotten,” Peters explained.

The red sand is poured in the cracks in the sidewalk right in front of the Dietrich Theater, now the Dietrich Theater, is right in the middle of downtown Tunkhannock, which will help raise awareness for the issue.

“If there’s a victim of that I can give them a least an outlet to talk to or an outlet to get to, I just know I did my job that day,” Ennis stated.

The Victims Resource Center in Wyoming County provides support groups, crisis intervention, and counseling to victims of human trafficking.

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