Red Rock to be primary mental health provider for Cleveland and McClain counties

Nov. 29—Red Rock Behavioral Health Services was announced Tuesday as Cleveland and McClain counties' primary mental health care provider.

During an event hosted at the Noun Hotel, 542 S. University Blvd., Red Rock unveiled its plans for a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) that will serve both counties as well as a mobile outreach van that will be "fully equipped with resources to tackle social determinants," said Verna Foust, CEO of Red Rock, as she addressed the crowd.

The goal is to establish an adult crisis unit and urgent recovery care center in Norman in anticipation of Griffin Memorial Hospital being moved to Oklahoma City. The location of the new clinic remains to be determined.

Red Rock has served Cleveland County by operating out of Griffin Memorial Hospital for about 17 years and through an outpatient office located at 900 N. Porter Ave. that opened two years ago, Foust said.

Until now, none of those services have been Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics, she said.

"CCBHC's provide specialized services to treat the whole person such as 24/7 Crisis Response, physical health screening and assessment, care coordination and monitoring with their PCP (primary care provider), wellness coaches, job coaches and case management to help them get access to resources and improve their health and longevity," Foust continued.

Foust said that adults 25-years-old or younger with a serious mental illness or addiction disorders die younger than the general population.

"It may surprise you to know that the leading cause of death for this population are physical health conditions, which are often preventable," she said.

The anticipated project cost is about $10 million, and in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS) the hope is to have the center up and running in two years, Foust said.

Heath Hayes, deputy commissioner of ODMHSAS, also addressed the crowd and said the plan is "advancing the services that already exist."

"At this point in our evolution is to meet people where they're at wherever that may be," he added.

In his own comments to the crowd, House Representative Jared Deck, D-Norman, said that without the clinicians and providers of mental health care in Cleveland County "this care does not continue."

"Regardless of where our facilities may lie, the care will not change...We(the legislature) will always care, we will always fight, you've always made sure that we are valuing not only the care that goes into these patients, but also the patients themselves," he said.

House Representative Annie Menz, D-Norman, added to this statement and said "every time we get the opportunity to show up for each other, we show up for each other. It's the community that cares for one another and we're here to serve each other as neighbors and family and friends. And we are really excited to share all of that...we look forward to seeing all the ways that this new partnership can work for the people."

The Red Rock Adult Crisis Unit is currently located at 900 E. Main St. in building 52 of the Griffin campus. Mental health assistance can also be found at their outpatient clinic at 900 N. Porter Ave.