Upcycle Silver Trays Into Works of Art

repurposed silver plate and tray wreath
repurposed silver plate and tray wreath

Silver Service

The holidays are on their way, and a time of sharing and generous giving begins. We illuminate the idea of family dinners served on vintage serving platters by making an impressive wreath to herald the good times and feasting that lie ahead. It’s like telling a story of many wonderful celebrations.


  • 7 silver Plated round vintage platters - various sizes

  • 8 “silver” plastic chargers

  • 2 wire wreath frames

  • Styrofoam pieces for spacers


  • Hot glue gun


1. Lay out your 2 wreaths and hot glue them together for stability.

wire wreath frams
wire wreath frams

2. Position your “silver” charger plates for the under layer of wreath. Hot glue them in place.

silver plates
silver plates

3. Stagger your silver vintage platters on top of the bottom layer to cover the entire frame. Hot glue them in place.

old vintage silver trays
old vintage silver trays

4. Cut and position as needed bits of Styrofoam to hold up any space between the two layers. Hot glue them in place.



You can find silver platters at most flea markets or restaurant supply stores. All shapes, sizes, and patterns are welcome. Tarnish, dents, and defects only add to the “history” of the wreath.

When positioning your platters, play around with the layout before you glue down. If a platter doesn’t balance well, just put a small scrap of Styrofoam under it to fill in the space.