Recruitment to Offensive Guard is nearing completion, with over 16,000 applications received

Since the beginning of February, more than 16,000 applications have been received from those wishing to join the assault brigades of the Offensive Guard being formed as part of the National Guard of Ukraine, and recruitment will continue until 1 April.

Source: Ruslan Muzychuk, spokesperson for the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU), on air during the national joint 24/7 newscast

Quote: "Over 16,000 applications have been received in almost two months. The recruitment will last approximately until 1 April. If we continue to receive applications and if there are people willing, we may form reserves and other units."

Details: Muzychuk emphasised that the selection process is currently underway, so not everyone who has applied will be enrolled in the Offensive Guard.

"The number of applicants is quite large, but the selection stages are still ongoing, and all candidates who have applied must pass them," said the NGU spokesperson.

He also said that the soldiers who passed the medical examination, passed the tests, and joined the units have started training.

"Many units are already undergoing individual training under the guidance of instructors. Volunteers are undergoing training with small arms and learning tactics, and some units have started training anti-aircraft and artillery personnel," said Muzychuk.


  • On 2 February, Acting Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko said that the Interior Ministry had begun forming eight assault brigades known as the Offensive Guard to strengthen Ukraine’s defence forces and liberate the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

  • On 3 February, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that large numbers of Ukrainians were sending in applications to join assault brigades in the Offensive Guard.

  • All volunteers joining the Offensive Guard assault brigades will receive a number of benefits, including housing, healthcare, and access to higher education.

  • The newly formed Offensive Guard assault brigades will train for a total of two to four months before being deployed to engage in combat.

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