Record-breaking Spider-Man video game confuses Puerto Rican, Cuban flags

Players of the highly anticipated video game “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” took to social media to ask developers to correct a few scenes, which have confused the Puerto Rican and the Cuban flags in a game known to celebrate the main character's Puerto Rican heritage.

The character, Miles Morales, is recognized by fans as one of the few Latino mainstream superheroes.

When Insomniac Games released the new PlayStation 5 game featuring Morales last Friday, it included at least two scenes in which the Puerto Rican and Cuban flags were mixed up, which fans pointed out over the weekend.

In one scene in Morales' Spanish Harlem family home, the flag displayed is not of his native Puerto Rico but of Cuba, social media users pointed out online. The Cuban flag appears a second time in a street scene.

The Puerto Rican flag is correctly featured in other parts of the game, such as multiple spider suit designs, as well as some Puerto Rican traditions and dishes, according to IGN, a website that reviews video games.

While the flags are designed similarly, with a single star inside a triangle and three colored stripes accompanied by two white stripes, their colors are inverted. The Cuban flag has a red triangle and three blue stripes, while the Puerto Rican flag has a blue triangle and three red stripes.

Flag of Puerto Rico (Merrill Images / Getty Images)
Flag of Puerto Rico (Merrill Images / Getty Images)

Shortly after the game's release, James Stevenson, Insomniac Games' director of community and marketing director, said "Fix is coming for that" in response to a post from a user on "X," who praised developers for representing Puerto Rican culture in the game while also requesting a fix to the mix-ups.

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As of Tuesday, no specific time for the fix had been provided and Insomniac Games did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.

On Thursday, Insomniac Games put out a statement on X: “Today’s patch corrects an error where the Cuban flag was incorrectly displayed instead of the Puerto Rican flag. We understand that accurate representation matters, and greatly regret this error. We sincerely apologize and will do better in the future.

With more than 2.5 million copies sold in its first 24 hours, “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” broke the record as the fastest-selling PlayStation Studios game in a day, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment, which collaborated with Insomniac Games, PlayStation Studios and Marvel Games to create the game.

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