All new recipe of Woodland Park Zoo Doo available soon

After nearly 40 years the Woodland Park Zoo is changing the recipe of the exotic composted poo—the poo they offer up every spring to area gardeners.

Previously, the Zoo Doo was only of the herbivore variety. Now, the recipe includes contributions from the zoo’s big cats, wolves, monkeys, orangutans, and gorillas.

According to the zoo, the smell hasn’t changed.

Thanks to their new composting system this year, there is nearly double the doo to go around. The zoo is now able to compost more than one million pounds of Zoo Doo a year.

For those who have purchased Zoo Doo in the past, double the doo means no more Fecal Fest lottery. Now you just arrange your pickup and pay online. Pickup dates are March 29 through March 31 and April 12 through April 14. You must bring your own containers.

You can order from 25 gallons ($16.50) up to 550 gallons ($125). For those looking for smaller quantities, pre-packaged Zoo Doo is available year-round. Click here for more info and to purchase.