For Some Reason, Jesse Watters Has Problems With Joe Biden Eating Ice Cream

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Fox News host Jesse Watters is wracking his brains trying to find new things to hate about Joe Biden ― and his latest quibble with the president is a real head-scratcher.

Apparently he doesn’t like old guys eating ice cream.

Watters made the pearl-clutching observation on Tuesday in response to comments Biden made Monday, while getting ice cream, expressing his hope for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

Although a reduction in hostilities in the Middle East might seem to be the important part of the story, Watters just couldn’t focus on it, preferring instead to make blanket assumptions about masculinity and food products.

“You know my rule about men eating soup in public? I don’t think it’s manly ... not a good look,” Watters explained to his fellow panelists. “I think the same thing for ice cream. You should save that for vacation. A grown man, especially the president, should not be licking ice cream in public.”

Yes, there’s video. Thanks for asking.

Watters isn’t the only conservative media person who felt obligated to attack Biden for eating ice cream.

Conservative talk show host Clay Travis also got his panties in a bunch over Biden’s favorite dessert, saying “it’s super weird” and adding, “Do you know grown men who go get ice cream by themselves? I don’t. It’s very strange.”

But if Watters and Travis expected a flood of right-wingers to suddenly start hating the thought of old guys eating ice cream, they were sadly mistaken.

Instead, Watters was trolled with photos of grown men eating ice cream.

Others just mocked the fragile Fox News host.

Travis was also called out for his bizarre attack on ice cream and Biden, including by two former GOP congressmen.