Your Real-Time Map of Gambling Odds on the Next Pope

Philip Bump

As with basically everything else in the world that has any semblance of an uncertain outcome, people are betting on who will replace Joseph Ratzinger as Pope. Not American people, mind you — we're not allowed. But elsewhere, big money is being spent.

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InTrade, the one-time-but-no-longer-acceptable-in-the-U.S. betting site, offers a variety of ways to bet on the future of the Catholic Church, including a market that games the odds on the region of the world from which the world the next Pope will hail.

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We saw that, and we thought: Let's map it.

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And so, here's our map of the real-time odds that the Pope will be chosen from any particular country in the world. It updates every minute, so you can feel confident that it's accurate, in case you were concerned.

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There's a reason that Italy is in the lead: It's home to a full one-fifth of the College of Cardinals from which the Pope will likely be drawn. Cardinals will meet at the Vatican on Monday to begin discussing a date for the conclave to select a successor.