Real estate transfers: Coffee company buys Massillon property for more than $1 million

7 Brew Drive Thru Coffee is planning to open a shop on Lincoln Way E in Massillon later this year.
7 Brew Drive Thru Coffee is planning to open a shop on Lincoln Way E in Massillon later this year.

A coffee company has paid more than $1 million for vacant land along Lincoln Way E in Massillon, according to the latest real estate transfers filed with the Stark County Auditor's Office.

Motley 7 Brew LLC of Vancouver, Washington, bought the property, located near the intersection of Lincoln Way E and 27th Street NE, from Sig Lincoln Way Outlots LLC for $1,050,000, according to county records.

Motley 7 Brew operates 7 Brew Drive Thru Coffee. City officials have previously announced that 7 Brew planned to open in the city.

The real estate transfers cover June 17 to June 23:


Cwell Energy LLC from Shinn William J & Cynthia L, 1441 Parkside Dr, $235,000.

Dennis Chris & Meyers Nick from Worley Steve, 1165 Johnson Ave, $18,600.

Durbin Chad M & Shelby M from Dennis Chris & Meyers Nick, 426 Linwood Dr, $189,900.

Greimer Knam Properties from Carl Justin, 1004 Homestead Ave, $89,900.

Howell Kathleen Irene & Karathanos from Louc Ltd, 336 Mckinley Court, $160,000.

Lynn Betty & Fred from Brinkman Richard & Joyce L, 526 Linwood Dr, $145,000.

Naragon Christopher Lee & Krystal Lee an from Weiberl James M & Courtney Kathy L, 354 N Rockhill Ave, $105,000.

Taylor Curtis & Rebecca from New Home Alliance Limited Partnership, 1027 Jersey St, $115,000.

Bethlehem Township

Beaker Allen & Susan & Julie from Dutiel James R & Claudia L, parcel 1100336 Safari Trl, $5,000.

Beck Linda K from Reinerts Thomas J and Jayne S, 135 C St, $40,000.

Clark Kurt & Jamie from Springwood Lake Camp Club Property, parcel 1101074 Uganda Pkwy, $1,900.

Day Jerry D & Lisa A from Springwood Lake Camp Club Property, parcel 1100424 Swahali Trl SW, $3,900.

Hill Nicholas & Amy from Springwood Lake Camp Club Property, parcel 1100404 Zebra Strip Ave SW, $3,400.

Kelley Timothy P & Cathy S from Springwood Lake Camp Club Property, parcel 1100971 Tanganyika Trl, $3,900.

Kiko John D Jr Trust from Springwood Lake Camp Club Property, parcel 1101111 Nairobi St, $4,700.

Mcintosh Sammie Lee from Springwood Lake Camp Club Property, parcel 1100872 Zambesi, $1,500.

Mcintyre Michael S & Robin L from Hathaway Paul & Emily, parcel 1100657 Mombasa Ave, $5,400.

O'Brien Marc & Jennifer from Springwood Lake Camp Club Property, parcel 1100684 Panther PL, $1,900.

Robbins Brian K & Diane L from Springwood Lake Camp Club Property, parcel 1100836 Nairobi St, $2,900.

Roberts Christopher Daniel from Roberts James D & Julia M, 5922 Brinker St SW, $155,000.

Canal Fulton

United Group Real Estate Investments from B & L Real Estate Investments LLC, 2036 Locust St NW, $500,000.

United Group Real Estate Investments from B&L Real Estate Investments LLC, 2048 Locust St NW, $500,000.

United Group Real Estate Investments from B&L Real Estate Investments LLC, parcel 9580150 Ericsson Dr, $500,000.


1012 Auburn Place NW LLC from Burns Ralph H, 1012 Auburn PL NW, $15,400.

Armatas Dimitreos G. from Mannos James G & John G, 328 Tuscarawas St E, $75,000.

Backie Kameron from Evans Ariel, 1106 Clarendon Ave SW, $18,300.

Blair Harry C & Luchuck Joyce from Stutler Roger & Sonia Trustees / Roger &, 2206 St Elmo Ave NE, $14,400.

Border Anthony & Walsh Madison Marie from Sanchez Dominica, 712 21st St NE, $170,000.

Brahler Valerie L from Jozwiakowski Larry J & Brenda K, 2832 Baldwin Ave NE, $89,000.

Cantwell Clifford D from Drescher David, 708 Cook Ave SW, $2,000.

Cao Thi Diem from Champion Renee, 801 Halter CT NW, $48,000.

Capstone 72 Properties LLC from Wealth Choices LLC, 710 Prospect Ave SW, $23,900.

CNB Real Estate Investments LLC from Lemus Fredal Enrique, 3318 11th St SW, $71,500.

Cole Darlene from Bentley Rhea R, 1731 Tuscarawas St E, $28,900.

Gamble Tyler from Welcome Home Properties LLC, 347 Clarendon Ave NW, $60,000.

Gorman Janmichael D & Christine A from Appraisal Comp Valuations LLC, 2960 Daleford Ave NE, $149,500.

Grays Jasmine & Hall Joshua from Home Opportunity LLC, 821 Correll Ave NE, $13,200.

Greenbocks LLC from Barkheimer Realty Ltd, 805 17th St NE, $45,000.

Gutierrez Virgillo & Lacey from Flourish 44703, 1212 10th St NW, $32,900.

Jenkins Bryon & Patterson Lavetta from Hotchkiss Scott A, 1351 Ivydale Ave SW, $120,000.

JJ Realty LLC from Magpie 401K Trust, 1601 29th St NW, $40,000.

Johnson John Edward II from York Debra Ann & Escobedo Julia, 3219 Arbor Rd SW, $41,000.

Kanam John from Barkheimer Realty Ltd, 1230 Ford CT NW, $61,000.

Kell Michael T from 4517 Group LLC, 1809 Roosevelt Ave NE, $57,000.

Kenna Lee Holdings LLC from Devine Patrick J, 1737 Bonnot PL NE, $23,000.

Khawaja Layth from Sees Richard A, 1643 27th St NE, $47,600.

KVB Properties LLC from Kanam John M, 2625 Kirby Ave NE, $70,000.

KVB Properties LLC from Kanam John, 1381 Henry Ave SW, $72,500.

KVB Properties LLC from Kanam John, 1734 Ohio Ave NE, $65,000.

LFL LLC from Mccamish Susan Marie, 1736 Roosevelt Ave NE, $30,000.

Morton Jesse A from Rochester Mark L, 125 21st St NW, $343,200.

Parks Raquel from Gray Richard M II, 2619 12th St SW, $35,100.

Prestige Real Estate Investment Group from Wells Fargo Bank Na Ttee, 2505 Willowrow Ave NE, $32,000.

Pruchnicki Kenneth L & Sheri from Pugh James E Jr & Donna M, 1302 22nd St NE, $155,000.

Richards Mark A from White Lana, 1111 Greenfield Ave SW, $32,900.

Salmen Gregory from US Bank Trust National Association, 2304 Center CT NW, $90,000.

Sanko Emily & Christian from Star Property Investments LLC, 1324 10th St NW, $120,000.

SC&J Properties LLC from Barkheimer Realty Ltd, 711 High Ave SW, $40,000.

Slack Michelle R & Shackelford Steven J from Baloun David M & Laura A, 168 23rd St NW, $360,000.

Stroup Molly from Simpson Josephine E, 2224 Midway Ave NE, $100,000.

T Horne Construction Limited from Reighard Tabatha M, 704 Roslyn Ave SW, $30,000.

The ABCD Inc from 3DS Property Management LLC, 1241 Harrisburg Rd NE, $73,000.

Toles Ashton from Shanabarger David, 2819 Ellis Ave NE, $82,900.

Wilmington Savings Fund Societ FSB from Harvey Starlita, 1021 13th St NW, $19,300.

Canton Township

Degraw John Thomas & Andrea from Harple Kali S & Matthew R, 722 Ironwood St SW, $230,000.

Dies Nicholas & Kayleigh M from Mccaulley Timothy J Baddeley Eileen, 1427 Faircrest St SW, $140,000.

Dy BNB LLC from Micciche Joseph R, 2820 16th St NW, $144,000.

Dy BNB LLC from Micciche Joseph R, parcel 1401153 Edmeyer Ave NW, $144,000.

Efinger Frank R III from Efinger Frank R Jr, 3031 Lincoln St E, $90,000.

Efinger Frank R III from Efinger Frank R Jr, parcel 1301048 3rd St NE, $90,000.

Johnson Sara & Woods Michael L Jr from Scarpino Ruth E, 1630 Fohl St SW, $194,400.

Kent Marinda Irene from Hawkins Greg, 3024 Trump Ave SE, $37,500.

Martin Charles R from Martin Gail E, 1537 Mattie St SE, $75,000.

Minor Alexis R & Sneed Alexis B from Keating John F & Angela M, 3509 Sherman Church Ave SW, $98,000.

Rogers Jeromi L & Jennifer C from Rogers Lowell, 4815 Ridge Ave SE, $70,500.

White Paul v III & Chapanar Gregory E Sr from Oliver Brian, parcel 1308892 Cole Ave SE, $10,000.

Jackson Township

Arnold Alexander D & Fearon A from Prentice Joshua S & Kelly M, 3316 Bahama Ave NW, $226,000.

Coon Kendra & Michael from Robinson Riley & Norcia Timothy, 8303 Athens Ave NW, $407,000.

Helline Gerald P Jr & Lori L from Phillips Sean A & Linda G, 2542 Marsh Ave NW, $150,700.

Hyatt Alexis from Fisher Gail A & Bailey Nancy O, 4847 Drumcliff Dr NW, $220,000.

K Hovnanian at Hertiage Park LLC from A List Land Development LLC, 6995 Heritage Park Ave NW, $76,000.

Lafferty Mark W from Lafayette Holding Partners Ltd, parcel 10017207 Crystal Lake Ave NW, $360,900.

Lowe Amanda & Jacob from Camp Cynthia S Trustee, 6677 Groton St NW, $269,000.

Miller Alan L & Lois M from Lafayette Holding Partners Ltd, 5095 Crystal Lake Ave NW, $378,000.

Miller Alan L & Lois M from Lafayette Holding Partners Ltd, parcel 10017206 Crystal Lake Ave NW, $501,800.

Prestige Worldwide Re LLC from A.g.p.c. Inc, 1164 Westbury Cir NW, $190,000.

Prestige Worldwide Re LLC from Pamboukis Agathonicos G, 4211 Sharp Ave NW, $100,000.

Sherrod Scott A & Dalene M from Jamerdan Farms LLC, parcel 10017173 Huckleberry St NW, $206,100.

Tan Brent & Nicole from Congeni Jeffrey L Ttee, 8655 Drummond Dr NW, $680,000.

Thomas Joan M from Nap Properties LLC, 8405 Beatty St NW, $315,000.

Umbright Cody M & Ehmer Brooke N from Marlatt Ryan F, 7382 Cheryl Lane St NW, $265,000.

Wheeler Rentals LLC from Dismport North America Inc, 7080 Whipple Ave NW, $480,000.

Willowdale Country Club Taggart Keith from Willowdale Country Club Palsa Brandon, 158 Oak Dr NW, $320,000.

Lake Township

Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd from Andrukat Arthur R, 8233 Rolling Hill Ave NW, $135,000.

Daugherty Bryan & Murphy-Daugherty from Coblentz Eric D & Brianna R, 13390 Sara Ave NW, $361,000.

Davis Mark William from Schrock Margaret Et Al, parcel 10017195 Hoover Ave NW, $146,256.

Knotts Eric M from Whipkey Andrew D, 3034 Brouse St NW, $252,000.

NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation from A List Land Development LLC, 2186 Monaco St NW, $78,000.

Oster Brian C & Amy B from Kopp Kelli J & David G, 9066 Humberside Ave NW, $439,000.

Stillwell Jeremy Scott & Laura Beth from Schrock Margaret Et Al, parcel 10017194 Hoover Ave NW, $241,489.

Stonebraker Stephen E & Karen from Nussbaum Joshua K & Fallon A, 1677 Charolais St NW, $680,000.

Tolbert Lucien P & Roselyn M from King Adam R & Elizabeth Liane, 12504 Estate Ave NW, $425,000.

Tolodzieski Matthew & Alicia from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA Ryan, 12074 Jardin Ave NW, $451,885.

W.S. Rayman Properties Ltd from Schrock Margaret Et Al, 11875 Hoover Ave NW, $933,095.

Lawrence Township

Cfree Propery Holdings LLC from Lawrence Matthew R & Elizabeth M, 7534 Arthur Ave NW, $92,500.

Eberly Skyler S & Eldridge Tarah from Barron Shane, 11320 Braddock St NW, $242,000.

Hand Elizabeth K & Nathan M from Hall Christopher L & Theresa M Trustees, 5270 Erie Ave N, $505,000.

Lantz Keri & Scott from Durell Aaron & Roberta, parcel 2618042 Warwick Dr NW, $151,000.

Rosenberger Joshua & Kathryn from Main Ralph R & Marcia D, 8636 Camelot Ave NW, $220,000.

Lexington Township

Elliott David M & Jane A from Brunie James v Succ Ttee of the Dorothy, 1650 S Sawburg Rd, $268,500.


Davis Kyle M from Fitzgerald Barbara F, 1285 Cheverton Ave, $299,000.

Edwards Michael Andrew & Jennifer from Wilson Andre Quinn & Anna, 507 E Gorgas St, $181,943.

Morrison Robert G & Nancy J from Battershell Carl R, 703 Joel Cir, $308,000.

Raven L Properties LLC from Buccasso Marco J & Mackenzie R, 309 S Mill St, $160,000.


Beatty Paul Mcclain from Haas Blake T, 1208 Wellman Ave SE, $105,000.

Berbari Joseph from Roberson Sharon S Ttee, 704 Parkview St NE, $45,000.

Berkey Michael W & Beth A from Williams Leota M, 420 11th St NE, $60,000.

Boss Helen M Ttee from Fichter Ronald W & Cynthia L, 2829 Turning Leaf Ave NW, $300,000.

Brown Cynthia from Hca Model Fund 2016-9 West LLC, 1160 23rd St SW, $402,800.

Brown-Wiggins Kimberly from 2325 South Green Road LLC, 832 14th St SW, $165,000.

Calhoun Robert & Savanna from K Hovnanian at Country View Estates LLC, 2420 Carlene Ave SW, $391,000.

Difiori Kathleen Marie from Boss Helen M Trustee, 2408 Meadows Ave NW, $220,000.

Difiori Kathleen Marie from Boss Helen M Trustee, parcel 613847 24th St NW, $220,000.

Home Appliance Warehouse LLC from Gesch Margie L, 428 Erie St N, $75,000.

Marlatt Ryan F & King Timothy James from Cardinal Ted J & Jessica A, 871 Liberty CT SW, $385,000.

Motley 7 Brew LLC from Sig Lincoln Way Outlots LLC, parcel 10016134 Lincoln Way E, $1,050,000.

Nicholson Derrick Don Juan & Regina Lynn from Dennis Esther A Succ Ttee, 2813 Mill Ridge Path, $429,900.

Perez Jose O Soto & Soto Sonia Maribel from Perez Jose O Soto & Luis A Soto, 482 Carver St NW, $41,500.

Roark Sydney L from Wasik Henry A & Tina L, 1717 Huron Rd SE, $39,000.

Schmidt Glen & Bonnie from K Hovnanian at Country View Estates LLC, 2484 Carlene Ave SW, $349,990.

Schuler Alexis Renee from Egan Robert W II & Carrisa D, 216 Hayes Ave NE, $195,000.

Spatharos Nicholas from Berkey Michael W & Beth A, 135 22nd St SE, $162,500.

Trolio Nicholas & Miranda from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation, 3539 Kenyon Creek Ave NW, $293,595.

Winkler Kevin D & Stephanic Alissa P from Winkler Kevin D & Reed Brianna L, 813 Rotch Ave NE, $53,700.

Wood Patrick Bruce & Dana from Cochran Tyson L & Donnelle C, 435 Hamilton Ave NE, $215,000.

Woods Chase from Woods Michael L Jr, 1707 Erie St S, $70,000.

Nimishillen Township

Marlatt Michael C from Hoffman Barbara A, parcel 3302846 Noel St NE, $32,500.

Tucker Caleb D & Fuller Claire R from Morgan John J & Marilyn Kay, 8200 Columbus Rd, $100,000.

North Canton

Ballis Robert & Nicole from Sargent Michael & Courtney, 630 Schneider St SE, $195,000.

Bradshaw Gerald H from Narduzzi Todd G Trustee, 7762 Brittanny Dr NE, $180,000.

Hensch Walter M & Juli D from Moon Robert D Trustee of the Moon Famil, 1475 Hillbrook Ave SE, $415,000.

Koons Brian & Kimberly from Spicer Stefanie, 557 Glenwood St SW, $185,000.

Lisovets Andrey & Alina from Mulroy Joyce L, 1685 Glenmar Oval SE, $490,000.

London Michael David & Brown London from Streb Jude B, 495 Chapple Hill Dr NE, $325,000.

Scarcella Jesse Daniel & Anne Marie from Goodman Timothy G & Darcie K, 1222 Linwood Ave SW, $250,000.

Taylor Brian from Bailey William J & Carol J, 146 10th St NE, $167,500.

Wilson Rachel & Pakiswat Nicholas from Calhoun Stephen & Tricia, 611 Church St SW, $241,100.

Osnaburg Township

Kachner Logan Andrew & Taggart from Phillips Starling, 6943 Maplebrook Ave NE, $150,000.

Knight Bryar W from Bell Dorothy M, 7336 Hill Church St SE, $64,700.

Paris Township

Johnson Scott & Boring Carley from Haueter Tricia L & Eric, 730 N Market St, $250,000.

Viper Group from Beaber Dennis L, 2890 Beechwood Ave NE, $6,500.

Perry Township

Carr Denise A from Cowart-Pileggi Sharon L, 206 Harding Ave SW, $125,000.

Cozy Acres LLC from Calhoun Ted B & Kathleen, 3358 Bailey St NW, $136,000.

Dalesandro Vanessa from A G F, 1824 Sedwick Ave NW, $250,000.

Desantis Tara & Rossetti Michael from 2nd Chance Rei LLC, 142 Elizabeth Ave SW, $90,000.

Grimes III Timothy W from Murphy Carl W & Marianna, 1427 Brooklyn Ave SW, $125,000.

Livingstone Kathleen Coletta from Restorick Christopher, 5252 Tyner St NW, $301,000.

Livingstone Kathleen Coletta from Restorick Christopher, parcel 4305106 3rd St NW, $301,000.

Proud Brian N & Tiffaney L from St Jean Brian J, 5190 Emil Ave SW Unit 407, $56,000.

Stillion Timothy C & Lori S from Sweitzer James, 6120 Audrey St SW, $90,000.

Tozzi III Michael T from Ake Properties III LLC, 303 Whipple Ave NW, $300,000.

Pike Township

Barnes Joseph from Bowling Larry L, 7970 East Sparta Ave, $25,000.

Barnes Joseph from Bowling Larry L, parcel 4800164 East Sparta Ave SE, $25,000.

Gulosh Richard from Betram Warren L, 2731 Barn Dr SW, $1,500.

Majestic Olivia from Vanicek Lois M, 7300 Sherman Church Ave SW, $170,000.

Nice Christine & Moriconi Diane & from Nofsinger Gary L, 1977 Howenstine Dr SE, $165,000.

Plain Township

Binkley Donald & Roxane from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA Ryan, 6941 Harrington Court Ave NE, $359,820.

Custer Kimberly K from Vanlehn Donna M Trustee, 3044 25th St NW, $184,900.

Flocker Meghan L from Smith Darby & Nyholm Bradley J, 7982 Norriton Cir NW, $157,000.

Furno Darren J & Jodi L from Davidson Sheri, 4116 29th St NE, $6,800.

Lepley Kyle & Sierra from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation, 6677 Harrington Court Ave NE, $458,530.

Losa Investments Ltd from Glenn Stephen M & Kost Annelies M, 6252 Melody Rd NE, $77,000.

Marcantonio Philip James & Peggy Lynn from Day James & Cochran Casaundra, 1120 Wedgefield CT NE, $585,000.

Martinez Patrick & Maribel from Remark Bart M, 1705 Schneider St NW, $339,900.

Maxwell Robert J from Triner Aaron J, 2222 41st St NW, $200,500.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, 3367 Boettler St NE, $72,000.

Postlewaite Jeffrey & Sherry Rey from Hall Miriam S, 6223 Pickwick Cir NW, $310,000.

Seikel Bonnie J from Wilson Vaughn, 2500 Hollyview Ave NE, $244,200.

Shannondoah Inc from Mccourry Charles L, 3821 20th St NW, $209,000.

Sigler Mark A from Brown Shirley A, 4519 Harmont Ave NE, $200,000.

The Summit Church in Green Inc from 1120 Applegrove LLC, 1316 Pittsburg Ave NW, $120,000.

Wise Anthony & Morgan from Danette Bosh Alexander, 5832 Linder Cir NE, $300,000.

Sandy Township

Bauman Gregory R & Cynthia L from Chandler Delno F & Durant Kathryn M, 7620 Elson St SE, $55,000.

Cassidy Marissa from Lidderdale John, 7375 Ravenna Ave SE, $281,000.

Royer Michael D from Blackburn Betsy, 5329 Waynesburg Dr SE, $1,000.

Sugar Creek Township

4 Elliotts LLC from Meenan Daniel H & Mona J, 624 Pine St NW, $30,000.

Miller Ervin A & Lena from Troyer Reuben E & Andrew E, 13359 Sandusky Dr SW, $15,000.

Swartzentruber David H & Naomi A from Swartzentruber David H & Naomi A, parcel 10017186 Colwood St SW, $35,000.

Washington Township

Zufall Christopher S from Zufall Peggy C, 15121 Cenfield St NE, $205,000.

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