Real estate sales in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties for April 10, 2022

These transactions, recorded the week of March 28, are compiled from information on file with the respective counties. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.


3924 N. Vincent Ave., Peoria Heights: Andrew T. Pedraza to Andre Hurr, $81,500.

901 E. Sciota Ave., Peoria Heights: Joseph Fontana to William and Linda Meritt, $85,000.

601 W. Columbia Terrace, Peoria: Nisse Matlock to Adam and Erin Lettau, $87,500.

15717 N. Sixth St., Chillicothe: Wendy Dietrich to Tanner J. and Cheyenne D. Kilbey, $87,900.

717 N. Idaho St., West Peoria: Narissa J. Price to Janie Bradley, $88,000.

1611 E. Melaik Court, Peoria: William and Laurie Miller to Joseph Williams, $89,500.

107 Hopkins St., Bartonville: Ryan R. Sagmoen to Kelsey E. Reynolds, $90,000.

101 Hill St., Bartonville: Dennis M. Merriman to Joseph Conley, $99,900.

2307 W. Kensington Drive, Peoria: Mohammad S. Al-Salhi to Michelle Hill and James Devries, $108,000.

5742 N. Renwood Ave., Peoria: Larry Peters Jr. to Christopher L. Peters, $110,000.

2109 W. Ayres Ave., West Peoria: Williams N. Akama to Nathan Chasteen and Cassidy Schukat, $110,000.

803 Lauder Ave., Bartonville: Aaron M. and Sarah R. Ellison to Jonathon Crosson, $114,900.

1924 W. Kellogg Ave., West Peoria: Midwest Equipment Business Properties LLC to Pallavi Murari, $115,000.

520 E. Moneta Ave., Peoria Heights: Samantha N. Coake and Sherri L. Coake to Marcus D. and Valerie Y. Brown, $120,000.

4926 N. Sheridan Road, Peoria: Richard V. Laukitis to Abel A. Pimentel and Melissa Rodriguez, $120,000.

1246 N. Second St., Chillicothe: Nathan A. and Laura L. Gray to Luke Bartlett, $125,000.

9502 W. Littlefield Drive, Mapleton: Derek and Tasha M. Scott to Earl D. and Pamela M. Briggs, $135,000.

5522 E. Washington St., Chillicothe: Jason L. Wollard to Troy A. Heuck, $135,300.

714 N. Aten Ave., Princeville: Janet Paquette to Seth A. and Hannah R. Hoerr, $138,000.

612 S. Main St., Peoria: Ryan Stehly to Robert Kulpa, $138,500.

4577 N. Thornhill Drive, Peoria: Blake Batson to Vicki and Kervin Brungardt, $150,000.

14902 W. Schlink Road, Brimfield: Lori Windish to Cody and Rachel Landau, $150,000.

2522 W. Rockwood Court, Peoria: Kimberly W. Gaston to Keith D. McDaniel, $155,000.

3312 W. King James Road, Peoria: Marlo A. Mastalerz to Jacob Shoemaker, $169,000.

SE Quarter Section 29-9N-6E, North Eden Road, Hanna City: Brian L. and Kristina J. Windish to Chad A. Herman, Justin P. Herman and Nathan L. Herman, $174,037.

1813 W. Clarewood Ave., Peoria: Chelsey Milashoski to Jennifer Janssen and Cody Volpe, $174,500.

315 W. Forrest Hill Ave., Peoria: Jonathan A. and Emily F.G. Irons to Cartus Financial Corp., $205,000.

315 W. Forrest Hill Ave., Peoria: Cartus Financial Corp. to Emily Debord, $205,000.

7501 N. Villa Lake Drive, Peoria: Nathan and Kristin Johnson to Lloyd E. and Nancy J. Page, $222,500.

1519 W. Moss Ave., Peoria: Miguel A. and Mayra L. Rocha to Samantha L. Schubach, $224,000.

7303 W. Lancaster Road, Peoria: Nate Bartell and James E. Bartell to Alecia J. Osborne, $230,000.

7309 N. Knoxville Ave., Peoria: ASG Investments LLC to Springfield Clinic LLP, $235,000.

4818 N. Koerner Road, Peoria: Steven and Hannah Godsil to Daniel Ohlson, $239,500.

10500 N. Schopp Lane, Peoria: Jason R. and Stacey L. Parrish to Vinay Shankar and Rashmi Rani, $249,000.

6502 N. Post Oak Road, Peoria: Brian and Sara Fiddes to Michael S. Boylan and Holly N. Martin, $250,000.

6407 N. Fox Chapel Trail, Edwards: Alice V. Hannon to Robert and Olivia M. Markham, $264,900.

5905 W. Charleston Court & 523 S. Denver Court, Peoria: Mark and Vicky Hoagland to Andrew and Ann Thomas, $285,000.

Boswell Subdivision, SW Quarter Section 17-7N-7E, Lot 2, and SW Quarter Section 17-7N-7E, Mapleton: Steve Bucco to Ryan Merritt, $290,000.

521 W. Merle Lane, Peoria: Gregory G. and Carolyn M. Dickerson to William T.J. Austin, $295,000.

624 E. Bittersweet Lane, Peoria: Budwa J. and Nonnie T. Sous to Maureen S. O’Brien and Sharon T. Tear, $300,000.

2608 W. Stonehenge Court, Peoria: Unatco First Midwest Bank to Bhargavi and Siva R.K. Chitrapu, $305,000.

3831 W. Anchor Drive, Peoria: Alfonso Reyes Rodriguez and Teresa Reyes to Daniel and Emily Barnett, $310,000.

1205 W. Moss Ave., Peoria: Mary Hunt to AJ and Susan Galloway, $350,000.

2119 W. Broadland Drive, Dunlap: Thomas B. and Pamela K. Carr to Randy and Lynn Gorsuch, $359,900.

2909 W. Windpointe Drive, Peoria: Suzanne Jennetten to Matthew and Rachel Hulteen, $395,000.

927 S. Copperpoint Drive, Dunlap: Christopher and Stephanie Grgurich and Morreale Real Estate Services Inc. to Mark and Lisa Lauffer, $709,000.

4600 N. Knoxville Ave., Peoria: Brian and Kathryn A. Lavin to Donald L. Yakel Jr., $755,000.

1017 S. Copperpoint Drive, Dunlap: Donald L. Yakel Jr. to Rishabh Sinha and Megha Garg, $765,000.

818 & 826 E. War Memorial Drive, 3604 N. Illinois Ave. and 821, 825 & 827 E. Paris Ave., Peoria Heights: JB Real Estate Group LLC to Super Liquor Real Estate Peoria Heights LLC, $1,400,000.

7309 N. Knoxville Ave., Peoria: Peoria Urological Investment Group LLC to Springfield Clinic LLP, $5,900,000.

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109 Hazel St., North Pekin: Brandon D. Brooks to Tyler Donald, $79,500.

11434 Skyaire Drive, Green Valley: James R. and Kathy A. Saunders to Jonathan M. and Kalene A. Cunningham, $98,000.

312 Ripper St., South Pekin: RRDG 2021 1 LLC to Fredrick and Mary Tisdale, $99,900.

1930 Cole St., East Peoria: Nicolas J. Knollenberg to Brayden Cruz, $104,000.

1714 Memorial Drive, Pekin: Norman Properties LLC to Beth Prosser, $117,000.

201 Woodlawn Blvd., East Peoria: Joshua Vickers and Miranda Mitchem to Mark and Joellyn Doty, $117,500.

27411 Armington Road, Delavan: Donna B. Anderson to Colton Anderson, $117,500.

4980 Edgewater Drive, Groveland: Luckie Enterprises Inc. to Katherine A. Burke, $120,000.

512 Springfield Road, East Peoria: Christopher Berrard to Bo Miller, $123,000.

118 Bryant St., Morton: Traci A. Traylor to S&S Property Management, $127,500.

211 E. Bittersweet Road, Washington: Stephen M. and Vickie L. Howard to Seth Roan and Isaac Wudtke, $130,000.

105 Hamilton Road, Marquette Heights: James and Judy Jackson to Andrew and Anna Beck, $133,000.

607 Amanda Lane, Washington: John and Susan Grieder to Aaron M. Bayless and Gerson Rodriguez, $137,700.

208 Cottage Grove Ave., Pekin: Gerald D. Hunsel to Joshua and Lori Dobyns, $138,000.

112 Justice Drive, East Peoria: Nicholas A. and Mary Swise to Nathan A. Hoffman, $140,000.

1010 Miller St., Washington: Essig Enterprises Inc. to Kent W. Franz II, $147,500.

500 S. Nelson Ave., Morton: Candice C. Duez to Desnee L. Neubauer, $155,000.

114 E. Oakwood Road, East Peoria: Scott W. and Sondra L. Smith to Nathan Lorentz, $172,500.

129 Comfort Way, Washington: Mary E. Arnold to Ruth E. Alcorn, $172,500.

4 Pioneer Court, Pekin: Christopher D. and Misty M. Berardi to Curtis M. Jr. and Kamryn K. Hauk, $175,000.

1844 Court St., Pekin: Kathy J. Ozee to Brandon W. Houston, $179,900.

623 E. South St., Tremont: Eric J. and Pamela K. Rahn to Jacob and Abigail Rumbold, $195,000.

801 E. Marshall St., Morton: Leland and Julie A. Miller to Robert S. II and Jean R. Updegraff, $204,000.

204 Country Drive, Green Valley: Shelly Bryant to Joel and Rachel Kilgus, $210,000.

5030 E. Queenwood Road, Groveland: Gary G. Anderson and Elizabeth A. Ingersoll Swanson to Dustin and Danielle Boyer, $219,000.

503 Park Trail Road, Mackinaw: Cory J. McGrath to Peter S. and Jessica M. Stevens, $219,900.

448 N. Bauman Ave., Morton: Justin and Veronica Hayes to Jonathan and Whitley Jones, $225,000.

204 Regal Lane, East Peoria: David A. Baysinger, Pamela A. Baysinger and Scott D. Baysinger to Charles H. Hill and Elizabeth Brown, $225,670.

2 Lisa Court, Pekin: Cassie J. Murray to William Keltner, $255,000.

Lot 1, Hall & Grants Addition A 26-4, Tazewell County: Vance E. and Carol A. Moore to Donald and Susan Wells, $322,000.

1704 Autumn Ridge, Washington: Elliott W. and Julie A. Zobrist to Barbara J. Evans, $355,000.

13 Cobblestone Lane, Minier: Alisa A. Lancaster to Roger D. and Cindy L. Nafziger, $365,000.

403 Topaz Drive, Morton: Andrew and Aimee Turner to Brandon and Amanda Walter, $421,000.

SW Section 24-25-5, Tazewell County: Curtis A. and Bonnie K. Eeten to Douglas P. Yontz, $997,500.

101 E. Ashland St., Morton: OM Gurudev LLC to Bhakti USA LLC, $1,240,000.

250 S. Main St., East Peoria: 250 S Main Street LLC to First American Bank, $1,562,500.

210-240 S. Main St., East Peoria: Community Plaza LLC to First American Bank Trust, $3,387,500.

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338 Maple Leaf Lane, East Peoria: Jason W. Cross to Heather Schmidgall, $135,000.

106 S. Creamery St., Eureka: Anthony E. and Lauren G. Gray to Devin H. and Karisa B. Miller, $185,000.

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