Real estate sales in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties for May 22, 2022

These transactions, recorded the week of May 9, are compiled from information on file with the respective counties. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.


1021 E. Corrington Ave., Peoria: Cory G. and Amy R. Knoll to Dwight and Myrtle Humphrey, $89,900.

115 W. McClure Ave., Bartonville: Deanine L. Smith to Kelsey Crank, $90,000.

1836 W. Moss Ave., Peoria: William R. Weaver to Scott Baldwin, $90,000.

506 W. Gift Ave., Peoria: Leland Jones to Tiffany Scott, $92,400.

319 E. Elmhurst Ave., Peoria: Andre E. and Angela G. Petty to Torri K. Wyzgowski, $94,000.

2817 W. Nebraska Ave., Peoria: Christopher M. Hamrick to Brian McDonough, $112,000.

2611 W. Castle Court, Peoria: Jack Nieukirk III to Shane and Maddison Strang, $115,000.

2708 NE Perry Ave., Peoria: Tina Pribble to Patricia Esperon, $115,000.

4431 N. Constantine Ave., Peoria Heights: Teresa E. McAvoy to Cartus Financial Corp., $117,000.

4431 N. Constantine Ave., Peoria Heights: Cartus Financial Corp. to Daniela B. Novoa and Kole C. Jones, $117,000.

8710 W. Main St., Mapleton: French Properties LLC to Shelby Waibel, $121,000.

2815 W. Brookside Drive, Peoria: Shanell L. McGoy to Satonya Harris, $124,000.

821 W. Northmoor Road, Peoria: Brenda Merrill to David J. and Cynthia Bennett, $124,000.

11 Holly Lane, Bartonville: Janet L. Cleghorn to David K. Nelson, Beau D. Brinker and Andrew D. Brinker, $132,000.

3503 W. Sorrento Court, Peoria: Patrick L. and Burnita Jordan to Katrina Jordan, $135,000.

3503 N. Missouri Ave., Peoria: Hannah Osterman and Jason Benningfield to Amanda Rehm and Joseph McCarthy, $138,000.

3205 N. Molleck Drive, Peoria: James A. Hubbartt to Malcolm Collins, $140,000.

1803 W. Main St., Peoria: Jesse S. and Rachel M. Mitchell to Sriram Nalla, Ishan Singh, Ashwin Reddy and Jack Robi, $141,850.

4114 E. Brougham Court, Chillicothe: Rachelle R. Judd to Loren Hesselgrave, $145,000.

615 W. Cody Court, Peoria: Gertrude E. Morton to Margaret Sitte, $145,000.

804 & 808 W. McClure Ave., 722 E. Kansas St., 625 Vine St. and 511 Park Ave., Peoria: Khanh G. Dinh and Maria McCormick Dinh to VMV Uno LLC, $145,000.

4829 W. Pendleton Place, Peoria: Chad A. Henry to Torrance G. Sawyer, $149,900.

3026 W. Larchmont Lane, Peoria: Kathy Bellemey to Jose A. Estrada, $150,000.

805 W. Forrest Hill Ave., Peoria: Sally Johnson to Stephen D. and Morgan Jackson, $154,900.

6110 W. Route 90, Princeville: Matthew and Emma Snyder to Marco A. Jr. and Maria T. Pequeno, $158,900.

5430 N. Longwood Drive, Peoria: Lynn M. Isaacson to Johnny H. Shelton III and Jocelyn S. Korafi, $159,900.

3904 N. Vincent Ave., Peoria Heights: Casey A. Faulkner to Mark A. Riese Jr., $160,000.

600 N. Coolidge Court, West Peoria: Brady J. and Jordan N. Seei to Larry and Breona Bynum, $160,000.

2427 W. Cabana Court, Peoria: Rita Golden to John L. and Jacqueline Moss, $165,000.

5002 N. Edgebrook Drive, Peoria: Chad Paul and Leslie K. Timm to Lauren E. Uhlean, $172,000.

4203 S. Lake Camelot Drive, Mapleton: Alyssa Herman to Patrick T. and Kailey Schrader, $192,900.

720 NE Perry Ave. and 609 & 612 Wayne Ave., Peoria: Salem Bros. Enterprises Inc. to Maverick and Stacy Woodward, $195,000.

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3329 N. Biltmore Ave., Peoria: Lindsay N. Coppenbarger to Thomas B. and Amy E. Slayton, $201,000.

132 E. Oak Park Drive, Peoria: James Kemper to Timothy and Allison Weaver, $205,000.

515 N. Runkle St., Hanna City: Pamela Rodriguez, Ronald A. Stear, Constance J. Burek, Timothy D. Stear, Penny M. Baxter and Jeffrey L. Stear to Kenneth G. and Cheryl A. Colgan, $210,000.

10304 W. Lake Camelot Drive, Mapleton: Douglas Morr to Leo W. and Darci M. Halverson, $210,000.

6623 N. Greenmont Road, Peoria: Donivine and Payton M. Stewart to Danny and Rosiland Swain, $215,000.

4009 W. Richards Way, Peoria: Nathaniel and Rebekah Elder to Walter and Joann Young, $220,000.

813 E. Euclid Ave., Peoria: Brent and Christina Landis to Dustin Reuter, $232,000.

4205 W. Carrousel Lane, Peoria: Andrew and Corrie Chirello to Nicolas A. Madrigal, $245,000.

5031 N. Montclair Ave., Peoria Heights: Bryson P. and Naomi B. Bridges to Julie Walker, Donald Walker and Weston Walker, $260,000.

6929 N. Willow Ridge Drive, Peoria: Carl W. LaRosche to Betty J. Thompson, $275,000.

4644 W. Hetherwood Drive, Peoria: Danny W. Swain and Rosiland A. Seavers Swain to Wesley Houston and Rachael Jacobs, $275,000.

2118 E. Cornell St., Peoria: Bruesch Nicholas A. To Rosa Tamayo and Kasey Meza, $278,000.

9929 N. Barbados Drive, Peoria: Pamela K. Loveridge to Salvador Garcia and Debra Adornetto Garcia, $281,000.

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1237 W. Wonderview Drive, Dunlap: Marcus J. and Jamie Cunnie to Daniel S. Aeschliman, $305,000.

11217 N. Tuscany Ridge Court, Dunlap: Koratagere Vishwanath, Ramani Vishwanath and Shashi Vishwanath to PEH Investments LLC, $312,000.

319 W. Westfield Court, Dunlap: Stephanie J. Cain to Nathaniel H. and Rebekah L. Elder, $360,000.

342 E. High Point Road, Peoria: Deborah Lucas to Cortni Sweeney, $405,000.

10412 N. Dahlia Court, Peoria: Wusheng Luo and Zuoping Zhou to Qingjun Huang and Liu Yang, $435,000.

704 W. Bridgetowne Court, Dunlap: Lisa E. Lammert to Jessica N. Burk and Joseph H. Ault, $469,900.

11709 N. Strathmoore Court, Dunlap: W. Edward and Chris D. Null to Brian E. Walsh and Jamie L. King, $475,000.

301 E. Nebraska Ave., 500, 816, 819, 821, 920 & 1117 W. McClure Ave., 1218 N. Frink St., 1419 S. Westmoreland Ave., 2309 & 2409 N. Flora Ave., 2319 & 2329 W. Millman St., 2406 W. Marquette St., 2611 W. Fremont St., 2816 W. Wyoming St., 2900 W. Malone St. and 2919 W. Augustana Ave., Peoria, and 2118 W. Clarke Ave., West Peoria: Denizens of Peoria LLC to McClure Capital Partners LLC, $515,000.

5911 W. Ivybridge Place, Peoria: Sean M. and Kimberley A. Ames to Lily Tran and Joseph M. Babione, $560,000.

4600 N. Brandywine Drive, Peoria: Morton Community Bank to 2018DT South Beloit LLC, $625,000.

9106 N. Lindbergh Drive, Peoria: PMO Inc. to Peoria Hospitality LLC, $2,300,000.

2317, 2331 & 2405 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Peoria, and 2100 W. Otley Road, West Peoria: RSS WFCM2015C27 IL MPH LLC to 101 Peoria LLC, $2,550,000.

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107 Jay St., East Peoria: Molly Stearns and Erin Pence, $80,000.

19 River Drive, North Pekin: Crystal K. Englebright, V. Dean Flyn, Douglas J. Flynn, John J. Flynn and Kathy S. Grady to Katharine M. Devore and Christopher M. Hueser, $80,000.

107 Zinser Place, Washington: Shannon R. Rigenberg to Chris O'Neill Inc., Glorious Day Properties and Property Management LLC, $89,500.

1301 Center St., Pekin: Albert D. and Pamela S. Hacker to John H. II and Tabitha M. Fromm, $90,000.

Lot 1 and Outlot A, Ridgeview Estates, Tazewell County: Gary W. Sr. and Cynthia S. Ellis to Christopher W. and Jenna L. Oedewaldt, $90,000.

140 Sonny Drive, Washington: Tjayden and Alicia Geary to William A. and Jennifer E. Robison, $92,000.

409 Pontiac Road, Marquette Heights: Susan Hoover to Bailey R. Burrell, $94,900.

108 S. Griffin St., Armington: Taryn Menard to Kathryn Netz, $95,000.

1011 Springfield Road, East Peoria: Russell R. and Deborah A. Rhodes to Norma McHenry, $95,000.

26908 Hinman Road, Tremont: Jerry R. Smith to Jared and Kelsey Neville, $100,000.

Lot 6, Hillcrest Subdivision, Tazewell County: Benjamin F. and Barbara M. Brubaker and Hillcrest Golf Center Inc. to Ipava State Bank Land. Trsut 102, $100,000.

919 Lincoln Road, Marquette Heights: Deborah L. Moritz to David Johnson, $105,000.

3 Colonial Court, Washington: Rocky T. Gray to Joshua Ray, $107,500.

100 E. Second St., Mackinaw: Terry and Sheri Kern to Scott and Janelle Sauder, $120,000.

2229 Glendale Drive, Pekin: Martha C. Kautz to Morgan Kelly, $127,500.

215 Schramm Drive, Pekin: Alecia J. Hiatt to Tabitha Seelye, $130,000.

1835 Washington Road, Washington: Benjamin F. and Barbara M. Brubaker to Ipava State Bank, $135,000.

428 S. First Ave., Morton: Samuel J. Ritthaler to Mara A. Robbins, $135,000.

608 E. Tyler St., Morton: Donna J. Longden to Steven and Jennifer Earley, $138,000.

429 Joliet Road, Marquette Heights: Jesse W. Seibert to Matthew and McKenna Morrison, $140,000.

1061 Mallard Way, Unit 206A, Washington: Lonnie Anderson to Katherine I. Hillegonds, $150,000.

1708 Parish Ave., Pekin: Parish Honolulu LLC to Jerry T. and Cheryl A. Davis, $155,000.

5 James Court, Minier: William C. and Gloria I. Frasco to Jacquiline M. Zeman, $155,000.

400 Stout Drive, Mackinaw: Keith L. Cornwell, Kent W. Cornwell and Mary F. Garza to Billie Gordon and Theresa Mitchell, $160,500.

800 S. Main St., Morton: Carroll J. and Lynn M. Lulay to Sarah Hausam, $174,900.

12 Kenton St., Mackinaw: Tyler J. and April D. Hutchinson to Jonathan D. Miller, $174,900.

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Lots 150 & 151, Heritage Lake Unit 6 O 55-5, Tazewell County: Tiffany C. Masters to Anthony Caylor, $220,000.

109 N. Pine St., Washington: J. Brian and Patricia C. Heller to Thomas Hawthorne and Shawna Phelps, $225,000.

418 Harbor Pointe Drive, East Peoria: William P. Gordon to Henry P. Slane Jr., $227,500.

548 Heritage Drive, Mackinaw: Dee Anderson to Joseph and Brooke Jaeger, $230,000.

1 Olt Ave., Pekin: Peter D. Smidt and Smidt Properties LLC to Grimm Properties LLC, $230,000.

27879 Allentown Road, Tremont: Michael and Rebekah A. Mathis to Ben Mathis, $238,000.

8 Valley High Estates, Pekin: M.R. Zoubek to Carl and Tracy Hildebran, $239,900.

31544 Armington Road, Armington: Nancy L. Webb to Robert Donaho, $255,000.

SE & NE Section 15-26-3, Tazewell County: Washington Trails Edge LLC to Trails Edge Developers LLC, $260,000.

1959 Colt Drive, Washington: Jose V. Flores to Patrick Veal, $264,900.

731 Fillmore St., Morton: Kyle M. and Rebecca M. Penning to Kurt and Sarah Peeler, $267,750.

1403 Kingsbury Road, Washington: Orlando R.V. and Catia M. Vinci, $284,900.

1713 Jadens Way, Washington: Marcy Jones to Christopher J. Kiefel and Ulrike J. Lippman Kiefel, $285,000.

29724 Allentown Road, Mackinaw: Harriet L. Carroll, Stephen A. Carroll Jr. and Steven R. Carroll to Pamela J. Williams, $340,000.

103 Peace Field Lane, East Peoria: John G. Olson to Cartus Financial Corp., $365,000.

103 Peace Field Lane, East Peoria: Cartus Financial Corp. to Edwin P. Young, $365,000.

115 Hollands Grove Lane, Washington: Jason R. and Lindsey A. Getz to Anne M. Richey, $370,000.

1722 Oak Ridge, Washington: Michael B. Kellenberger and D. Michelle Anderson to Christopher and Anne Wilson, $459,000.

3000-3006 N. Main St., East Peoria: 3000 3006 Main Street LLC to Lorena and Michael DeCarlo, $1,600,000.

1829 Washington Road, Washington: Benjamin F. and Barbara M. Brubaker and Hillcest Golf Center Inc. to Ipava State Bank, $1,615,000.

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502 S. Davenport St., Metamora: Donna Whittington to Tyler Johnson, $128,500.

321 Danbury Lane, Metamora: David B. and Coleen K. Gardner to Nealy M. Babbitt, $330,000.

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