Real estate sales in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties for Aug. 14, 2022

These transactions, recorded the week of Aug. 1, are compiled from information on file with the respective counties. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.


106 Washington St., Kingston Mines: Randolph C. Middleton to Sharon Wolstenholm, $78,500.

2005 W. Alice Ave., West Peoria: Matthew and Jessica Welsh to Justin A. and Jessica Ball, $80,000.

1012 E. War Memorial Drive, Peoria Heights: Larry J. and Linda J. Eskildsen to Stacey Mills, $83,000.

1207 E. Rouse Ave., Peoria Heights: Anthony and Mary Colvin to Andre Hurr, $84,900.

1419 E. Rouse Ave., Peoria: Brandy S. Dawson to Lester Reed Jr., $85,000.

318 N. Sterling Ave., West Peoria: Howard W. and Mary M. Fuller to Mark Lisenby, $87,500.

1915 E. Purdue St., Peoria: Eric L. Funk to Mary E. Williams, $89,900.

5815 N. Old Hickory Lane, Peoria: Wesley R. Johnson to Kelvin Jones, $94,000.

1109 E. Forrest Hill Ave., Peoria: Riley P. Byrne to Mariela Garcia Alvarado, $95,000.

3913 N. Grand Blvd, Peoria: Robert E. and Sue E. Swanson to Aaron C. Kovach, $97,000.

921 N. Santa Fe Ave., Chillicothe: Angela M. Wilmington to MKJEA Properties LLC, $100,000.

NW Quarter Section 22-11N-8E, East Truitt Road, Chillicothe: Ronald R. and Sandra E. Voss to Drew D. Wackerlin, $100,000.

1522 N. Bigelow St., Peoria: Edgar and Adela L. Aguilar to Denise Carroll, $105,000.

5531 N. Renwood Ave., Peoria: Macenzieh D. Roskop to Keith Dunham and Brianna Joyce, $108,000.

1217 N. Schneblin Lane, Peoria: Juan R. and Shannon Alvarez to Joel and Karolyn Parsons, $109,000.

504 E. Cypress St., Elmwood: Iva D. Smith and Susan A. Elliott to Richard H. and Joellen S. Geeseman and Corey J. Geeseman, $110,000.

1420 W. Marlene Ave., Peoria: Susan L. Cignetti and Janice M. Kahn to Shelley Lenzini, $110,000.

4121 N. Harvard Ave., Peoria: Matthew J. Mendoza to Elijah Stathem and Erin Layne, $118,400.

426 W. Lakewood Ave., Peoria: Jonathan T. Weaver to Mikayla M. Seibert, $119,000.

7501 N. Villa Wood Lane, Peoria: Corwin Pierson, Suzette Pierson, Bernadette Pierson and Gerald Pierson to Sandra Randle, $120,000.

4311 N. Independence Ave., Peoria: Mathew and Abegail Forbes to Jesse and Michelle Wentworth, $120,000.

6211 N. Frostwood Parkway, Peoria: Busey Bank to Liduvina Leon and Antonio A. Ubieta, $120,000.

1412 N. Logan St., Chillicothe: Easten Smith to Julie A. Snider, $122,000.

304 N. Sterling Ave., West Peoria: Brittney Mishler to Andrew V. Willis, $125,000.

1318 E. Seiberling Ave., Peoria Heights: ML & WM LLC to Michael Loser, $129,200.

5211 N. Sherwood Ave., Peoria: Joyce L. Goodenough to Nicholas T. Fillman and Hillary K. Harrison, $135,000.

704 W. High St., Elmwood: Parker J. and Kaselyn D. Gibbs to Ian S. and Anita M. Baird, $139,000.

1827 W. Winnebago Drive, Peoria: Bertha A. Alanis to Mark D. Fore, $139,001.

15517 N. Vonachen Drive, Chillicothe: Jeremy and Stephanie R. Deffenbaugh to Amy J. Irions, $140,000.

8716 N. Picture Ridge Road, Peoria: Pamela A. McMullen to Anthony M. Riley, $142,000.

3305 N. Isabell Ave., Peoria: Michael Sinclair to Brent and Sandra L. Foster, $150,000.

305 W. Fremont St., Elmwood: Kenneth P. and Debra L. Wills to Brent D. Crozier, $155,000.

900 N. Rebecca Place, Peoria: Stephan W. and Leslie S. Harris to Karl and Brittany Eson, $157,000.

7622 N. Melissa Lane, Peoria: Barbara A. Huxtable to Marita S. Seward, $160,000.

403 W. North St., Princeville: Jon E. and Jodi A. Downie to Richard B. Hall, $161,500.

5316 N. Sherwood Ave., Peoria: Joshua D. and Emily K. Elliott to Kirstin Hoerr, $165,000.

4817 E. Sandpoint Lane, Chillicothe: Fannie Mae to Angela Shinall, $165,000.

6912 N. Flamingo Court, Peoria: Dennis W. and Carol A. Doyle to Yolanda Kellum, $169,900.

18421 W. McDonald Road, Trivoli: Doris I. Schmeilski and Wendy Schmeilski to Ryan Pile and Caitlin Woodburn, $171,000.

602 S. Stillwater Drive, Chillicothe: Mel and Stephanie A. Anderson to Michael and Mary Tracey, $175,000.

125 SW Jefferson St., Peoria: Abdullah Malik, Farrah Malik and Arshad P. Malik to Quentin Campbell, $182,500.

129 E. Northridge Lane, Peoria: Kevin P. and Joan E. Cain to Naomi Stover and Daniel D. Fishbein, $185,000.

1219 E. Kingman Ave., Peoria Heights: Scott M. Fisher to Narish Randall, $187,000.

9929 N. Garden Lane, Peoria: Neil Hubert to Thomas and Desiree Masters, $188,000.

1410 W. Columbia Terrace, Peoria: Paul M. and Kelly S. Krainak to Tyler W. and Laura J. Hoerr, $195,000.

108 N. Ostrom Ave., Princeville: Kurt A. and Rhea A. Wolf to Ryan K. and Miranda E. Bowald, $197,000.

6812 N. Kimberly Drive, Peoria: Deric and Munmun Greger to Darrin and Angela Carlson, $204,000.

1213 S. Apache Lane, Peoria: Jane A. Millard to William M. and Patricia D. Davis, $205,000.

5023 N. Dawn Drive, Peoria: Dalton Mellon to Aubrie White and Zack Willoughby, $208,500.

107 N. Sixth St., Dunlap: Shirley J. Rowell to Joshua D. and Emily K. Elliott, $215,000.

SE Quarter Section 2-8N-6E, North Murphy Road, Hanna City: Renmark Holdings LLC to Cannonball Properties LLC, $220,700.

13100 W. Smithville Road, Hanna City: Bradly S. and Margaret D. Rolando to Kirk and Melissa Fulton, $223,999.

6615 N. Cobblestone Court, Peoria: Cesar and Mia Suarez to Ryan and Rose Cooper, $224,900.

5913 N. Old Orchard Drive, Peoria: Emmanuel K. and Shannon K. Techie to Cartus Financial Corp., $225,000.

5913 N. Old Orchard Drive, Peoria: Cartus Financial Corp. to Kelsi Toliver and Allison Calabro, $225,000.

1504 W. Cloverdale Road, Chillicothe: Ashley Coventry to Kurt and Jordanna Storvik, $230,500.

6418 N. Robinwood Drive, Peoria: Nicholas Heathcoat and Sanjuana Arreguin to Wesley Johnson, $233,000.

18609 W. Farmington Road, Trivoli: Amy N. Crusen to Jonathan D. Stier, $233,000.

9917 W. Streitmatter Road, Princeville: CKA Simons Legacy LLC to Matthew C. and Amber D. Longcor, $235,000.

513 S. Hampton Cove, Peoria: Capstone Construction of Central Illinois LLC to Steven and Terri Anderson, $239,900.

9913 W. Buckhaven Court, Mapleton: Merriann K. Lane to Nathan Bryant, $240,000.

6504 N. Queen Frances Lane, Peoria: Jan Hopson to Ezhil Elakkumanan, $245,000.

2316 W. Kenfield Court, Peoria: Meghna Prasad to Xiucheng Zhu and Mo Li, $256,000.

10821 W. Woodhaven Drive, Hanna City: Jennifer Smith to Amy N. Crusen, $279,000.

621 S. Pinkerton Road, Hanna City: Brandon S. and Ashlie Marold to Joann K. Getz and Joseph R. Maroon, $289,900.

3904 N. Laramie St., Peoria: Maurice B. and Maureen R. Alouan to Steve and Lisa Hwang, $294,000.

6717 N. Buckeye Drive, Edwards: Stanton F. and Dawn M. Cross to Jonathan K. and Samantha A. Carter, $340,000.

7027 N. Water Oak Drive, Edwards: Annette L. Bicknese to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $370,000.

7027 N. Water Oak Drive, Edwards: National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Giro and Natalie Samale, $370,000.

10841 N. Havenhurst Lane, Peoria: Peter A. and Anna Vandermyde to Cartus Financial Corp., $373,000.

10841 N. Havenhurst Lane, Peoria: Cartus Financial Corp. to Gary L. and Darlene Abbott, $373,000.

11220 N. Greenview Lane, Dunlap: Parth H. and Jalpa P. Mehta to Jagadeeshwar Veda and Ramyasri Dodda, $379,900.

12136 N. Route 91, Dunlap: John J. and Sandra Linhart to Andrew and Sarah Clark, $385,000.

6113 W. Red Cedar Lane, Edwards: Lynn Weeks to Timothy and Lucia Waskow, $389,900.

3211 W. Rosebury Lane, Dunlap: Asim Chatha and Barbara Mahmood to Cartus Financial Corp., $400,000.

3211 W. Rosebury Lane, Dunlap: Cartus Financial Corp. to Manish Dayal and Preeti Srivastava, $400,000.

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910 W. McClure Ave., 607 E. Kansas St., 1919 N. Indiana Ave., 633 Spitznagle Ave., 1821 N. Underhill St., 1316 N. Bourland Ave., 1012 W. Butler St., 808 S. Sumner Ave., 2405 & 3016 W. Garden St., 2201 W. Wiswall St., 2300 W. Marquette St., 1602 S. Stanley St., 2802 & 2804 W. Seibold St. and 2915 W. Nevada St., Peoria: Noel 2020 Properties LLC to River Residential LLC, $410,000.

W Quarter Section 3 & N Half Section 10-11N-8, North Blue Ridge Road, Chillicothe: Betsy C. Davis to Donald K. Davis, $421,857.

3200 W. Cypress Creek Drive, Dunlap: Vinay K. Seera and Chaitanya Manne to Karthik Majjari and Prajakta Masurkar, $425,000.

6411 N. Grace Lane, Edwards: James A. and Susan M. Smith to Eric and Sarah J. Hultgren, $425,000.

11302 N. Copper Creek Point, Dunlap: Srinivas R. Umareddy and Lakshmi Chandupatla to Samhan Y. Samhan, $455,000.

108 N. Fourth St., Chillicothe: Haril LLC to TJP Ventures LLC, $929,716.

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417 Charles St., Pekin: Anthony and Annelyse K. Rogers to Rebecca A. Wilson, $78,000.

1506 S. Eighth St., Pekin: Eric S. and Elisha N. Swanson to John and Linda Kirgan, $79,000.

1208 Broadway St., Pekin: Huskins Properties LLC to Terry and Teresa Harms, $79,080.

122 Florida Ave., Washington: Zackary A. Willoughby to Mengroug Hu and Philip Taylor, $82,000.

1900 S. Second Ave., Unit 3, Morton: HB2 Alternative Holdings LLC to Rodney C. Antrim, $83,000.

1428 Illinois St., Pekin: Melissa Harms to Timothy Goins, $83,500.

910 Oxford Ave., Pekin: Kelsi M. Wyss to Jill Marcordes, $90,000.

209 N. Thorncrest Ave., Creve Coeur: Betty L. Bozarth to Kimberly May, Scott May Jr. and Scott May Sr., $96,000.

809 Prince St., Pekin: Norman Properties LLC to David R. and Crysta L. Smith, $100,500.

SE Section 30-25-2 and NW Section 31-25-2, Tazewell County: Elaine C. Staff to Douglas E. and Jennifer A. Fritz, $102,375.

503 Devonshire Road, Washington: Ryan C. Ellis to Robert Quin, $107,500.

100 S. Webster St., Mackinaw: Jeffrey R. and Jerri Hughes to Kaile A. May and Ricky G. Mitchell Jr., $115,000.

200 N. Linnhill Lane, Washington: Matthew and Dane Nieukirk to Aaron and Amy Albright and Alison P. Albright Irrevocable Trust, $115,000.

141 S. Veterans Drive, Pekin: The Estates at Lakeview Ltd. to Allentown Acres LLC, $116,500.

115 Fourth St., South Pekin: Bob D. Jr. and Donita A. Hohimer to Kara Kyle and Joseph Nash, $120,000.

538 Shadoway Drive, East Peoria: Samantha Flatt and Alex Stickrod to Mike Kemnetz, $120,000.

203 Fifth St., South Pekin: Kendra Calvert to Ryan and Marisa Jennings, $120,000.

307 Elmhurst Drive, Washington: Micah Bouillon to Bradley J. and Mary E. Thomas and Thomas Family Trust, $126,000.

2108 S. Second Ave., Morton: Ricardo A. Mancha to MBD Morton Properties LLC, $129,000.

107 Woodlawn Blvd., East Peoria: Mark T. and Sharon F. Kilty to Aaron Jones, $130,000.

407 Grant Road, Marquette Heights: Kathleen L. Thomas to Megan S. Scharp, $135,000.

130 W. Chicago Ave., Morton: Jon M. and Nichole M. Zimmerman to Louis E. and Kimberly J. Wicks, $135,000.

2420 Willow St., Pekin: Dakota R. Smith to Allan Jr. and Shelby Goff, $136,500.

1512 N. Capitol St., Pekin: Steven W. and Jana J. Swisher to Kathleen M. Thomas, $144,900.

120 E. Oakwood Road, East Peoria: Ryan and Miranda Bowald to Logan Short and Emily Broadfield Short, $145,000.

2434 Cherry Lane, Pekin: Dennis D. and Victoria J. Smith to Steven J. Turner, $154,900.

211 Court Drive, Washington: Joshua C. and Amy K. Frederick to Gabriel D. Tomlinson, $155,000.

508 Parkview Drive, Washington: Steven and Christine G. Mitchell to Jessica Elliott, $155,000.

417 N. Illinois Ave., Morton: Chery J. Moss and Audrey J. Wollenschlager to Jay F. and Sandra K. Canada, $159,000.

19294 Springfield Road, Groveland: Brady M. Holst to Robert III and Lesley Albright, $164,900.

408 Dundee Road, East Peoria: William R. Jr. and Tahnia D. Kinsman to Damen and Alexandria Cokel, $172,000.

201 E. Jadewood St., Morton: Jacob M. and Anne L. Springer to Tyler Weber, $179,000.

103 Concord St., East Peoria: Ricky S. Lawson to Keagan M. and Carissa N. Weber, $180,000.

30443 Tyrrell Road, Mackinaw: Steven E. Smith Jr. to Todd R. Taylor, $180,000.

219 Glenview Drive, Pekin: Tabitha Sims to Ashley Tarpley and Roaxanne Worrick, $185,000.

1724 Heisel Ave., Pekin: Austin T. and Tara Walls to Jacob S. Adkison, $198,400.

142 Jay Ave., Morton: Joan I. Bright to Michael L. and Dana M. Wilmert, $200,000.

NW Section 31-25-2 and SE Section 30-25-2, Tazewell County: Marijane Foote and Russell E. Miller to Douglas E. and Jennifer A. Fritz, $204,750.

1706 Vista Grande Drive, Pekin: Mark C. Hanson to Beverly D. Dotson, $219,900.

25476 Valley View Road, Tremont: Zachary and Kinsley Zindel to Chet and Rayanda Dean, $240,000.

409 Hillcest Drive, Washington: Allen M. Kapraun to Joan R. Hudson, $240,000.

618 Mickel Parkway, Washington: Kenneth D. and Kim M. Dragoo to Richard Hines, $245,000.

1600 Vista Grande Drive, Pekin: Brian Damm to Cathy J. Keefer, $267,500.

321 Cottonwood Circle, East Peoria: Edward J. and Brenda D. Starling to Dillon J. and Megan A. Berhenke, $270,000.

19 Cracklewood Court, East Peoria: Joshua L. and Beth N. Ratts to Spencer and Karen Williams, $280,000.

208 N. Ohio Ave., Morton: Caleb and Kari McClarren to Scott B. and Christy A. O'Neill, $285,000.

115 Avenue Notre Dame, East Peoria: Jerry M. and Janet S. Berkley to Jimmy F. and Charlene R. Stevens, $289,900.

1244 Brown Court, Washington: Iuvo Constructum LLC to Timothy J. and Tessa Deasey, $299,900.

20959 Mount Joy Road, Mackinaw: Allan L. and Elaine Campbell to Joseph L. Wilson, $311,000.

1245 Brown Court, Washington: Iuvo Construction LLC to Rachael L. Rippy and Kyle L. Stallings, $314,900.

1913 Stoneridge, Washington: Donald and Janice Shewmaker to Peyton S. Biernat and Isabrella M. Trevino, $317,000.

23348 Augusta Drive, Washington: Joshua R. and Mylissa S. Carstens to Thomas A. Lindsey and Billie J. Heinze Otte, $390,000.

941 E. Polk St., Morton: Dirk R. and Wendy M. Welch to Jeffrey L. and Margaret F. Keesey, $405,000.

1852 Copperfield Drive, Morton: Mark R. and Laura A. Dugger to Brian Price and Jennifer Daniel Price, $420,000.

333 Shaggybark Trail, Morton: Robert P. and Janelle C. Caruso to Cartus Financial Corp., $427,000.

333 Shaggybark Trail, Morton: Cartus Financial Corp. to Michael and Janet Weber, $427,000.

33673 Fast Ave., Mackinaw: William J. Embry to Cynthia J. Rankin, $525,000.

38 Grey Wolf Court, Morton: Timothy I. and Laura C. Magnusson to Andrew M. and Kelly A. Tharp, $525,000.

2650 Bedford Ave., Tremont: Joseph A. and Diana L. McClure to Kevin and Danielle Keen, $570,000.

71 Diamond Point, Morton: William Hungate to Kim and Tara Picken, $570,000.

1 Hawthorne Court, Morton: Lorine Lagatta to Timothy J. II and Danelle Schulta, $605,000.

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Half SW corner of E Half of SE Quarter Section 29-26N-1E, Woodford County: Shane W. Spaulding to Drew B. Martin and Rebecca A. Orns, $88,500.

Outlot 59, Original Town, Minonk: Shawn Palmer to Polly Richards, $129,000.

86 Eichhorn Road, East Peoria: Dwayne Atherton to Brett Brown, $170,000.

1342 Lakeview Ave., East Peoria: Jeffrey R. and Penny McNicol to Amanda Curry and Sarah M. Lutschg, $177,000.

489 Spring Bay Road, East Peoria: J.L. Davis Enterprises LLC to Thomas Bishoff, $179,515.

1257 Sunset Drive, East Peoria: Lisa Stretch-Dodson to Vreeland Group LLC-Series 1257 Sunset, $180,000.

517 Coal Bank Road, Metamora: Walter I. and Renee S. Parks to Anthony D. Jones, $195,000.

512 Bittersweet Ave., Metamora: Vonda M. Jones and Janice F. Crews to Robert L. II and Teresa C. Beard, $278,000.

Part of SE Quarter Section 4-28N-1E, Woodford County: Anthony and Krystina Starkey to Joseph M. Dunk and Katherine A. Schultz-Dunk, $287,000.

219 County Road 1224E, Deer Creek: Eric R. and Jeanette M. Eidson to Lee and Rhoda Bork, $307,000.

4 Roth Court, Metamora: Kenneth J. and Vicki L. Wilson to Jacob Shorey, $495,000.

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