Get ready, Xbox One owners – first major update due on February 11th

Jacob Siegal
February 5, 2014
Did the Xbox One finally outsell the PS4 in September?

Microsoft hopes to start addressing some of the flaws of its next-gen console with a major product update coming next week. According to Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten over at the Xbox Wire, the first system update for the Xbox One will arrive on February 11th, covering behind-the-scenes improvements, brand new features, stability updates and more. Although Microsoft isn’t willing to divulge everything, Whitten has listed a few of the major additions that will appear in the update.

One of the strangest exclusions from the Xbox One at launch was the ability to manually manage the console’s internal storage. This will change when the update hits, giving you the ability to see how much space any given program is taking up. You will also be able to manage your download queue, deciding what order your downloadable content will load in.

Some other minor, but welcome, supplements include a battery power indicator for the Xbox One controller and compatibility with USB keyboards. Considering how long the Xbox One controller lasts relative to the DualShock 4, battery life isn’t a major concern for many Xbox owners, but any useful UI functionality is worth including.

Whitten has already reminded us that this list doesn’t encompass everything that will be included in the update, but even if the fix you’re looking for doesn’t make it in this time around, don’t worry — yet another system update is planned for March 4th in advance of the Titanfall launch. The next update will address the multiplayer and party system issues that have plagued Xbox One owners from day one. Get ready for a big month from Microsoft and the Xbox One.

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