Get ready for a flood of Google Glass apps

Zach Epstein
BGR News

Google Glass Apps SDK
Google Glass Apps SDK

With Windows Phone, Microsoft has shown us how difficult it is to launch a new mobile product without an expansive app ecosystem available right out of the gate. Thanks to the early buzz Google is creating around Google Glass, the company’s upcoming connected eyewear likely won’t face the same challenge. We have already seen a bunch of apps emerge for Glass — some intriguing and some just creepy — but mobile application promotion company AppLaunch is looking to make Glass app development as easy as possible.

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AppLaunch on Monday unveiled a simple template for creating Google Glass apps. With the free tool, AppLaunch says developers can build Glass apps in just 15 minutes. The company even supplied a sample — a simple app that lets Google Glass users share photos captured with Glass to Facebook. Using its own template, AppLaunch built its Facebook sharing app in less than 15 minutes.

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Google Glass might not be the next iPad, but at it’s certainly shaping up to be an exciting product that could help the wearable computing market explode in the future. It won’t go anywhere without a sizable catalog of solid apps though, and companies like AppLaunch will play a big role in helping Google get Glass off the ground.

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