Get Ready for a Deluge of Boring Morgan Stanley Twitter Accounts

Rebecca Greenfield
The Atlantic Wire
Get Ready for a Deluge of Boring Morgan Stanley Twitter Accounts

Morgan Stanley will soon let its 18,000 financial advisers have access to Twitter -- that access, however, will be very limited and thus, their tweets will be very boring. As an extension of a pilot program, which allowed 600 staff members to tweet, the bank has opted to let the rest of its bankers roam the network, according to The Financial Times's Tracy Alloway. These employees, however, will not roam freely. Due to Securities Exchange Commission regulations, Morgan Stanley limits what its tweeters can say, giving them a library of pre-written missives, which doesn't leave much room for creativity.

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A select few get to write their own tweets, but that doesn't guarantee anything much more fun will come from their accounts. When we took a look at the few Morgan Stanley employees allowed on Twitter a few months ago, the tweets either sounded robotic or had a lot of impenetrable jargon. Though Business Insider's Sam Ro finds the official @MorganStanley twitter feed valuable, the individual voices haven't attracted many fans. Fay DeBellis, the financial adviser we looked at back in March, still has fewer than 200 followers. And, her tweets still sound just as boring. Here's her most recent, in which she sounds like a PR-cheerleader-bot:

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We can't imagine 16,400 more people with access to the same library of acceptable twitter phrases will provide any more excitement.