RCMP find two dogs that were stolen in Vancouver along with truck

The Canadian Press
Associated Press

VANCOUVER - Two dogs that were stolen when a thief made off with a dog-walker's truck in Vancouver have been found more than 100 kilometres away.

There were four dogs in the truck when a thief hopped into the vehicle and drove away on Tuesday while an employee with Creature Comforts was running inside a house to drop off an animal.

Two of the dogs were found shortly after, apparently dropped off several blocks away, but the two other dogs remained missing overnight.

The Mounties say someone called in to report the abandoned vehicle on a tree farm in Agassiz, about a 90-minute drive east of Vancouver, with the dogs still in the back of the truck.

Company owner Amy Villis, whose own dog was one of the missing animals, says she spent a sleepless night driving around where the truck was stolen frantically looking for the dogs.

She also followed up on numerous tips that she received, including one from a dog psychic, who correctly predicted the dogs were still in the truck but wasn't even close in guessing their location.