R&B singer Muni Long responds to 'blue pajama girl' trend with her own TikTok post

R&B singer Muni Long responds to 'blue pajama girl' trend with her own TikTok post
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Sometimes TikTok trends take an elaborate setup or the creative use of a filter to gain traction, but users are now joining a trend started by a girl who filmed herself wearing blue pajamas while lip-syncing to an R&B song at T.J. Maxx.

Praises Allen (@milck.marie) posted a video of herself on Jan. 2 dancing and lip-syncing to Grammy Award-winning artist Muni Long’s “Made for Me” in the store.

“I keep rewatching. It’s the bopping and pjs for me,” replied @nijani.

“Babbbbyyyy the best video to this song,” commented @therealtraill.

After her initial post, Allen filmed two more videos, with each garnering over 1 million views.

“Im addicted to this song lmaoo prt 6378282773827 lol,” Allen wrote in her caption.

How TikTokers have re-created the ‘blue pajama girl’ trend

Aside from her three videos, other TikTokers have started to re-create this dance for themselves.

“When I finally get to see my friend in the hallway because we have no classes together,” @iiamkaayla1 wrote in her video.

“POV: That one girl in the blue pajamas keeps popping up on your FYP,” @montezwilson.

Long (@munilong) released “Made for Me” in September 2023 and has seen a rise in popularity, thanks to Allen and her blue plaid pajamas. Coincidentally, Long also released the song's official music video on Jan. 17, coinciding with the song gaining steam on TikTok. Currently, “Made for Me” has over 119,000 videos attached to the sound clip of the song.

Yahoo News reached out to Long for comment on the trend but didn’t receive a response.

Muni Long joins the TikTok trend

Long apparently noticed the trend and decided to riff on the TikTok posts — not once but twice — on her own page. The R&B singer even dressed up in her own set of pajamas for the second video, although hers were green instead of blue.

Seeing Long re-create the trend was a big moment for Allen, who is a fan of the R&B singer.

“I was honestly honored. I was really shocked. I couldn't believe she saw the video,” Allen told Yahoo News. “When I saw her re-create the video, I was like, ‘Omg I really started a trend.’ Muni is so talented I'm so glad she is getting her flowers.”

This isn’t the first time one of Long’s songs has been trending on TikTok. Long’s 2022 song, “Hrs and Hrs” — which reached No. 16 on the Billboard the Hot 100 Chart — has over 2.5 million videos credited to it.

In addition to making her own videos to add to the trend, Long has commented on several other TikTok variations that have included her song, such as one from @thewilliamsonfam featuring twin girls.

“Awwwww little princesses,” commented Long.