Razzies Blowback Proves There May Be Such a Thing as Too Much 'Twilight' Hate

Esther Zuckerman
Razzies Blowback Proves There May Be Such a Thing as Too Much 'Twilight' Hate

There are more than enough films from the past year that deserve to be considered for Oscar nominations, which will be announced Thursday morning. But let us not forget that this time of year also brings the announcement of the nominees for the Razzies. And the annual awards for bad movies have nominated the Twilight franchise in every single category, from Worst Picture to Worst Director to Worst Screen Couple (twice), which has led a lot of people — even those who wouldn't come close to defending Twilight under normal circumstances — to wonder whether the Golden Raspberry Awards are just trolling all of us this year. 

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That was the sentiment, at least, from Twitter this morning: 

The official full name for The Razzies is The Making Fun of the Easiest Targets, Please Pay Attention to Us!!! awards.

— Eric D. Snider (@EricDSnider) January 9, 2013

@misterpatches Oh, I'm definitely on board w/ mocking terrible movies. The Razzies just go after the popular, low-hanging fruit.

— Eric D. Snider (@EricDSnider) January 9, 2013

Razzies Worst Picture Nominations: Sandler movie, check.Twilight, check.Eddie Murphy, check.Wow.It's like the same thing every year.

— JurassicGriffin (@JurassicGriffin) January 9, 2013

The Razzies deserve to be made fun of.

— Evan Saathoff (@Sam_Strange) January 9, 2013

While surely The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part II wasn't going to be nominated for any Oscars, it also didn't make year-end lists of the worst-reviewed movies. In fact it was 48 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes (still putting it in the "rotten" category, but far closer to "fresh" than many), and, hey, both the New Yorker and New York Times reviews were deemed fresh. If the Razzies wanted to hit Robert Pattinson why not go for Bel Ami, which was only 28 percent fresh? Or if their target was the vampire craze, doesn't Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter deserve some fun poked at it

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So are the Razzies just gunning for Twihard's tears? Well, Razzies founder John Wilson told the AP as much: "This is our equivalent to 'The Lord of the Rings.' It's our members' last chance to razz 'Twilight.'" (You, too, can join the Razzies voting ranks by paying a fee.) 

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Alas, the 32-year-old Razzies have become pretty irrelevant, little more than a nugget for moviegoers to gab over while they await to hear about actual awards. Any overanalysis, then, but lead to double trolling. No one can win, it seems, when it comes to the Razzies.