Rashida Tlaib: Trump impeachment hearings 'very liberating'

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Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., who is among the Democrats most associated with impeachment, said Tuesday she's happy to see that the House hearings looking into President Trump's attempts to procure a Ukrainian investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden have finally gone public.

Tlaib, a member of the House Oversight Committee, recalled to Yahoo News how she had previously witnessed some of the closed-door depositions of the impeachment witnesses, including that of Bill Taylor, the acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.

"The ones I was in there, I said, 'I hope the American people get to hear this,'" she said. "And so for much of it, it's very liberating in the sense that you get to hear what I've been hearing."

It's a bit of an understatement to say that Tlaib has been on the forefront of the push to impeach Trump. Just hours after being sworn into office following the 2018 elections that gave Democrats a majority in the House, she told a crowd of supporters that Congress would "impeach the motherf***er."

During the impeachment hearings and elsewhere, Republicans have pointed to her comments as evidence that the Democrats' impeachment inquiry is not based on whether the Trump administration tied military aid to Ukraine to investigating his political rival, but on a deep-seated dislike of the president.

Tlaib has previously told Yahoo News that she believes Trump crossed an ethical line on "day one" of his administration by not divesting himself from his sprawling business empire before taking office.

On Tuesday, she said her constituents used the 2018 congressional elections to vote in "the jury that would hold this lawless president accountable."

"He's a crooked CEO sitting in the Oval Office," she said. "And we need somebody that fully complies with the United States Constitution."


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