Rangers search for missing Seattle climber in Denali National Park

A Seattle climber is one of two men missing in Alaska’s Denali National Park after their tracks disappeared near the site of an avalanche.

Rangers are searching for the two overdue climbers, Eli Michel of Columbia City, Ind., and Nafiun Awal of Seattle, last known to be near Moose’s Tooth, a 10,300-foot mountain.

The two last radioed in to check in with friends Friday. When they were not heard from again, their friends contacted park rangers Sunday.

Rangers found the climbers’ unattended tent and ski tracks heading to the base of the route. They found the climbers’ skis, left behind when they apparently switched to crampons for the climb.

“The tracks do disappear at the avalanche,” park spokesperson Maureen Gualtieri said in an email to the Associated Press.

Rangers are now conducting ground and aerial searches focusing on the lower portion of the avalanche’s path.

The Associated Press contributed to this report