Randolph restaurants clean up for July sanitation inspections

Randolph County's most recent restaurant sanitation scores are now available. The following list contains the names and scores for all restaurants inspected in July 2022.

Restaurant grades are on a 100-point scale. The restaurant starts with a 100 score and loses points for violations.

In Randolph County the grading scale is as follows: 90% shall receive a grade A; 80% and less than 90% shall receive a grade B; 70% and less than 80 percent receives a grade C. Permits shall be immediately revoked for establishments that receive a score of less than 70%.

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42 Diner, 191 Highway 42 N, 98

Bojangles, 1347 N Fayetteville St., 93.5

China Buffett, 1220 East Dixie Dr., 97

Crossroad Kitchen, 1302 Old Cox Rd., 99

Davids Restaurant, 709 Fayetteville St., 94

Dodge City Steakhouse, 1505 East Dixie Drive, 90.5

Everything Under the Bun, 1512 A Zoo Parkway

Freedom Icecream Shop, 1129-3 N. FAYETTEVILLE ST., 97.5

IHOP, 1106 E. DIXIE DR., 94.5

Jimmy John's, 405 L EAST DIXIE DR., 97.5


Cabo Grill Mexican Restaurant, 10210 NORTH MAIN ST., 97

Gogoyaki, 10210 NORTH MAIN St., 96.5

Holly Ridge Grill, 7933 US HWY 311, 97.5

Quality Inn Archdale Kitchen, 10123 N Main St., 98.5

Zaxby's, 10401 A. Main St., 94.5


Franklinville Diner, 159 West Main St., 99.5


Bojangles, 6893 Jordan Rd., 97.5

Ramseur Country Diner, 140 Brady St. Extension, 95

Shortstops Burgers and Shakes, 6727 Jordan Rd., 95


Kirin Asian Cuisine, 109 West Naomi St., 99

Red Zone Sports Bar and Grill, 725 South Main St., 96.5

Sakura Express, 1013 Highpoint St., 97.5

Sheetz, 2 Parrish Dr., 97

Sopranos, 638 West Academy St., 97

Taco Bell, 977 Highpoint St., 97

This article originally appeared on The Courier-Tribune: Randolph issues sanitation grades for the month of July