He rammed his car into a Broward minimart as a woman hid. Police shot him dead soon after

A Friday police shooting in Lauderhill ended an episode that began with a man using his car to smash in a Plantation gas station convenience store. Inside, a woman hid from him, assisted by the minimart clerk.

Roshod Graham’s death was announced Saturday by Plantation police, whose officers chased and shot the 30-year-old Graham after they were called by the minimart clerk. As is standard, all officers involved are on administrative leave while the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigates the shooting.

The court docket of Graham’s last arrest, in November, lists his home as being in unincorporated Broward County, but Plantation police said he was now living in Jacksonville.

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Plantation police say they headed for the Mobil station at 10261 W. Broward Blvd. at 4:54 a.m. Friday to answer a call. Surveillance video acquired by WSVN-Channel 7 shows the overnight Mobil station attendant making that call and why he did so.

The store surveillance video shows a woman running into the store and locking the door behind her. After a white-shirted Graham starts banging on the door, the clerk calls for help and appears to show Graham that he’s doing so. Then, he and the woman, whom Plantation police say was Graham’s girlfriend, retreat into a back room and barricade themselves there.

The video shows Graham ramming the door with his car several times, eventually successfully smashing an opening large enough for the 6-2 man to get inside. But, he’s inside a short time before turning tail as police arrive.

As Graham tried to race away from police, Plantation cops say, he “rammed a police unit.” But, what that police unit and what the Mobil station door couldn’t do — stop the car — a median in the 1600 block of Lauderhill’s Northwest 31st Avenue did.

Graham ran and, when caught, Plantation police say, “attempted to forcibly take the officer’s gun” and was shot. He was taken in critical condition to a hospital where he died.

Roshod Graham in 2018.
Roshod Graham in 2018.

Online Florida Department of Corrections records say Graham had done four years in prison after convictions on grand theft, burglary, sudden snatching, and battery on a senior citizen charges and was still on probation for the buglary charge until March 12, 2027.