Rakeem Jones: Fayetteville crypto millionaire teaches the 'marathon mentality' when it comes to creating wealth

Kwame Jones
Kwame Jones
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On Christmas Day, the iconic Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers, was renamed to Crypto.com Arena after being acquired for $700 million. This name change signifies not only a change in branding for the building, but the name change is indicative of changes in way of life. Crypto is the shortened name for cryptocurrency, or an internet-based medium of exchange that uses cryptographic functions to conduct financial transactions. In simple terms, cryptocurrency is the new money.

Though physical money is still in circulation, digital transactions are becoming more common. Kansas City Chiefs tight end Sean Culkin broke ground when he became the first NFL player to convert his entire salary to Bitcoin. Though Culkin was first, players like Odell Beckham Jr. would soon follow. Big-name companies such as Microsoft, PayPal and Whole Foods have begun accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Traditional schools are teaching outdated money methods. However, there is a new crop of teachers educating the masses on financial literacy.

One of those teachers lives in Fayetteville. Army veteran Kwame Stover reminds his students that "success is a marathon." After leaving the military at the conclusion of his 13-year career, Stover made some profitable decisions that have made him a millionaire. Rather than withholding the knowledge, he continuously divulges how to combine assets into investments that create dynastic wealth. “Teaching is amazing, but to see true change and growth in another person is truly an amazing feeling”, says the 34-year-old millionaire.

Kwame Jones with his red Lamborghini.
Kwame Jones with his red Lamborghini.

While he is widely known for his expansive knowledge of cryptocurrency, Stover’s classes cover aspects of financial literacy such as options trading, chart analysis, credit improvement and Airbnb hosting. In addition to educating the community about finances, he offers personal services to those who require extra help and commercial services to businesses that are trying to move into the cryptocurrency space but are not knowledgeable of this emerging technology. Stover and Quavas “Crypto Quavo'' Hart regularly hold free community events, such as Cars and Crypto, in partnership with Maxtint Concepts. During Cars and Crypto, luxury vehicles such as Kwame’s red Lamborghini and Hart’s C8 Corvette are displayed as the pair educate people on the benefits of cryptocurrency. The cars are a tangible benefit. But, the real benefit is the change in a person’s way of life.

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Every morning, “Crypto Kwame” does a live broadcast on social media and gives away free game. During his broadcast, he demonstrates how to analyze stocks and crypto trends. At the conclusion of each broadcast, he offers viewers a chance to join his Discord. Discord is an app used to trade financial tips among groups of people, or “communities.” In his Discord, Kwame puts out plays, which are financial transactions that have been recognized as profitable. If anyone would like to view his daily live broadcast, join his Discord, or set up a class/personal services, contact Kwame on Instagram @cryptokwame. Though he has found success in the crypto market, Stover does not guarantee instant success. He attributes his growth, and others', to constant education of self. On the subject of success, he says:

“You won’t understand this overnight, and this is not the lottery. Cryptocurrency can change your life and you can see great returns. But, without studying and sharpening your skills, you will not be successful.”

Salute to Kwame and every activist getting active. Peace.

Rakeem Jones
Rakeem Jones

Rakeem “Keem” Jones is a community advocate and father of three from the Shaw Road/Bonnie Doone area of Fayetteville. He can be reached at keemj45@gmail.com.

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